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Unlimited Online File Storage,
Users and Usage

Kevin McGibben

is intuitive to use, offering a graphical user interface that allows me to easily drag, drop and modify the files. Everything is just significantly easier with SecureDocs.”

~ Kevin McGibben (CEO),

Many virtual data rooms charge additional fees for storage space or per-page uploads. We’ve taken a different approach so you can maximize the value of the SecureDocs solution.

Unlimited Online Data Storage

You shouldn’t have to decide which documents to store in the virtual data room – this can leave important items unprotected. For $200/month per data room, you can upload as many documents as needed.

Unlimited Users

The monthly subscription fee includes an unlimited number of users. You can invite lawyers, auditors, accountants, investors, or anyone else who would need to review your important documents without worrying about additional fees.

Unlimited Usage On Any Platform

Use SecureDocs as often as needed – there is no limit to how frequently the invited users can access the service.

Whether you swear by Apple products or would never give up your PC, SecureDocs works on any platform and in any browser that you or your invitees use.

SecureDocs Free Trial

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