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Simple User Interface

Find Your Documents Fast

Don’t spend your time frantically fumbling around a filing cabinet searching for a document that you filed away long ago. Holdbacks for missing documents can cost millions. A seemingly insignificant document may be the difference between a yes or a no from investors.

The search feature allows you to quickly find the information you need, saving you, your accountants, auditors, investors, lawyers, and other business partners precious time. Simply begin typing part of a file or document title and you will see search results populate as you write. It makes pinpointing a document quick, easy, and accurate. Gain credibility by being organized and well prepared.

“What sets SecureDocs
apart from the competing products is its flexibility and ease of use. The interface is clean and intuitive and allowed me to configure it how I wanted it and when I wanted it, without requiring any assistance.”

~ David Shea (Corporate Controller),
Clean Diesel Technologies

Indexing Capabilities For Organized File Sharing and Storage

We offer an optional automatic indexing solution to make it as easy as possible to go through your documents. Indexing will help minimize fees from lawyers and other outside parties by providing an easy system to browse documents quickly and efficiently.

Drag & Drop

Get your files uploaded into SecureDocs quickly by uploading multiple files or folders right from your desktop. You can choose to drag and drop individual files or use the bulk folder uploading tool to move them into SecureDocs and maintain their original hierarchy. This process is amazingly quick and easy. Administrators and users with download permissions also have the option to download a series of files or folders in one click with the bulk download feature.

Single Sign-On For Multiple Data Rooms

Single Sign-On allows users to log in using one email address and password to access any or all of the SecureDocs data rooms that they administer or have been invited to. This enables users to easily manage and switch between multiple data rooms at once.

SecureDocs Free Trial

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