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How Market Validation Will Help Your Startup Succeed

During this entertaining and informative webinar, we’ll cover the basic principles behind market validation, review Expertcity’s $10 Million dollar mistake (what not to do), and take a look at how AppFolio, GoToMeeting, and SecureDocs used market validation to help ensure market entry against well-known player.


Webinar Oct 15 Webinar Oct 15

Business Growth: Corporate Lawyers - When, Why and How Much?

Startups and small businesses benefit immensely from good legal advice during their infancy and growth phase. But deciding when to hire a lawyer and which lawyer to hire can be a daunting experience.  This webinar will help you determine when to consult a lawyer by discussing the value a good lawyer can add to your business. You will also learn the differences between lawyers and which lawyer is right for you.


Business Growth: When To Hire a Corporate Lawyer   Business Growth: When To Hire a Corporate Lawyer

When Should An Early Stage Company Hire A CFO


This webinar will discuss key financial topics for early-stage companies to consider as they form and grow. It will cover the decision process involved when considering adding a full or part-time Chief Financial Officer to the management team of an early-stage venture-backed type company.


When Should An Early-Stage Company Hire A CFO?   When Should An Early-Stage Company Hire A CFO?


Raising Capital from Life Science Investors

 While the current IPO environment has created a much more positive outlook in the space and drawn significant capital from retail investors there remains a very high level of competition from entrepreneurs for those dollars in the early stage. Being able to understand the current investor landscape and how to go navigate it will dramatically increase your chances of getting in front of the right investors. 


Webinar Oct 15   Webinar Oct 15