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Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is a business asset, and as with all business assets companies must take measures to protect it to insure it retains its value. 




Dropbox vs Virtual Data Room: A Comparison

 As cloud storage solutions have become more and more popular, understanding what that means for the security of your business documentation is crucial.



The CFO's Definitive Guide to Document Retention


As Chief Financial Officer, you're tasked with organizing all your company's financial paperwork to protect it from penalties, civil lawsuits, and even criminal charges. All that paperwork - both physical and electronic - can really add up as your company grows, but it's not always easy to know what you need to keep. This whitepaper can help you and your team understand what paperwork you need to save and how to save it safely and securely. Start reaping the benefits of an organized, secure office today.



9 Lessons Learned While Raising Venture Capital


If your company is currently seeking or considering venture capital funding, use this whitepaper to get best practices and useful advice on raising venture capital. 



Bootstrap Your Startup: Backblaze’s Rocky Road to Business Success

Virtual Data Room

Starting a business without Venture Capital has its challenges, but for Backblaze, a Silicon Valley successful cloud-based consumer data backup service, it was well worth it. This ebook explains how and why they did it.



Predictable Revenue Sales Model For Startups

 "For SaaS B2B startups, Predictable Revenue has become the sales model du jour, elegantly solving the mysterious market entry problems most startups suffer at launch. However, it may not be right for all companies.  



Due Diligence Checklist


Raising Funds, selling a company, and licensing IP can be stressful and complicated. Preparing for the transaction doesn't have to be. Download the SecureDocs Due Diligence Checklist and get organize your financial, legal, and business operations today.



Life Science Cybertheft: Why It's So Popular


In 2014, the New York times reported that over 100 companies, most of them life science companies, had been victims of cybertheft. Life science companies are attractive targets to cyberthieves. Fortunately,  a few basic measures to protect your company can go a long way.  




Deal Readiness Lessons from Facebook's $19 Billion Acquisition of WhatsApp


In February of 2014, Facebook announced that it would be acquiring the five-year-old WhatsApp messaging service for $19 billion. The eye-popping number and speedy deal turned more than a few envious heads. The team at SecureDocs took a look at how this deal was put together and collected a few key takeaways for CFOs who wants to learn what it takes to make awesome deals that will turn heads of its own.