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Market Insights By The Numbers October 23

Here is the February 12th issue of SecureDocs Virtual Data Room's Market Insights By the Numbers. A weekly review of top industry transactions, security news, insights into the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, and a weekly wrap up of complementary resources, courtesy of SecureDocs. Enjoy!

Fundraising and Transaction News


$19 Billion

That's the amount in President Barack Obama's new CyberSecurity National Action Plan that outlines both policy changes and personnel increases that address both short and long term threats. The goal, to provide every American a basic level of online security [Wall Street Journal]

$845 Million

That's the amount that the investors from General Catalyst Partners announced they were committing to its eight pair of funds, which are also the largest to date for the group, bucking the trend that many VCs are worried about the overvaluation of private companies. [Wall Street Journal]

£500 Million

That's the amount that China's Cocoon Networks Ventures is betting on British Tech startups. They are looking to fund businesses from multiple sectors, ranging anywhere from hardware to biotech. So, what it the reason for China's recent interest in the UK? It's simple, really. Like the U.S., they've caught on that British startups are continuing to yield a high valuations and show enormous potential. [Bloomberg Business]


That's the percentage of business decision makers that expect their organization to suffer a security breach in the futuret. A hit that will cost most businesses a minimum of $1M, and take a minimum of 9 weeks to recover from, if at all. [PR Newswire]


That's the percent of funding in Silicon Valley that goes to companies with female founders. Just another stat that has been brought forward recently, highlighting what is called "The Elephant in the Valley." [Silicon Republic]


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SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Insights



That is the percentage of SecureDocs Virtual Data Room users ensuring their data is protected using two-factor authentication. Taking this one simple step can protect you and your business from catastrophic consequences associated with a potential cyberattack. 

SecureDocs Weekly Resource Wrap up


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