2020 and 2021 have seen an explosion of M&A activity in the tech sector, with many companies commanding high valuation multiples. Yet, not every deal is happening at elevated valuations, as it depends on many factors.

This webinar will dive into the elements that have contributed to these high valuations and will share how technology companies can focus on these metrics to allow for an elevated value in the future.

Join Ed Bryant, President, and CEO of Sampford Advisors to learn:

  • What factors contribute to high valuations for technology companies
  • How technology companies can build value to prepare for a successful acquisition 
  • Insight into today’s tech M&A activity and predictions to how long this robust market will last

Meet the Presenter:

Ed Bryant is President and CEO of Sampford Advisors, an M&A advisory firm for US and Canadian mid-market tech companies. Ed has 25 years of experience, including over 21 years in investment banking with Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Sampford in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and now Canada. In that time, he has raised in excess of $20 billion in equity and debt capital and completed over $10 billion in M&A transactions.

This educational event is co-hosted by SecureDocs, a virtual data room for storing and sharing sensitive business documents, and Sampford Advisors, a boutique investment bank focused exclusively on advising clients in the technology sector on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

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