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A virtual data room with powerful simplicity.

SecureDocs virtual data room is simple, affordable, secure, and has the features
you need to get deals completed.

Save Time and Money

With SecureDocs simple and intuitive virtual data room user interface you'll be up and running immediately, and move through transactions quicker - saving you time and money.

  • Immediate Setup - Gain instant access to your virtual data room, no need to talk to sales.
  • Drag and Drop Folders and Documents - Organize your data room in minutes, so you'll be deal ready right away.
  • $250/Month - SecureDocs' pricing is flat-rate, no additional fees and no surprises when your bill comes.
  • Unlimited Users and Data - Share your information with as many parties as necessary to complete your transaction.
  • Built-in Electronic Signature - Your data room comes standard with 5 electronic signature licenses - a $1,200 value. 

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Control Your Data

Using SecureDocs' robust security features can help you to ensure only the appropriate people gain access to the information in your data room.

  • Permission-Based User Roles - Restrict access on a granular level at the folder or subfolder level.
  • Customizable NDA - Require all users to agree to your unique viewing terms before accessing your information.
  • Two-factor Authentication - Protect your data room information with an extra log-in security feature.
  • Document Watermarking - Always know who is responsible for downloading and sharing your information.
  • Data Room Archiver - Instantly download a copy of your data room with one click when your deal is done.

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The SecureDocs Due Diligence Checklist

Prepare for your next opportunity. Download the SecureDocs Due Diligence Checklist and organize your financial, legal, and business documents today.

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A virtual data room for financial transactions.

Most business transactions mandate online document sharing, and when it comes to sensitive financial information and proprietary data a purpose-built virtual data room is the best choice. 


Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A due diligence requires the use of a virtual data room to help expedite the deal process. SecureDocs gives both buy-side and sell-side parties controlled access to documentation in real time, from any location, helping cut back on the overall deal timeline.



Both startups and larger enterprises engage in many rounds of financing which require a great deal of data and document sharing. SecureDocs Virtual Data Rooms hurry the exchange of information between your company and investors while allowing for better control and oversight.



Share information with various bankers, lawyers, and other key personnel outside of your company without worry. SecureDocs Virtual Data Room gives you an easy way to share your proprietary data while remaining in complete control of the transaction. 

A virtual data room for the way you work.

Keeping your corporate information secure is a necessity. SecureDocs is a flexible virtual data room solution that you can use daily to manage your corporate documents.


Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with another business on a joint endeavor will require a large amount of data sharing. Using a virtual data room to facilitate this partnership will prove to be an invaluable resource, giving both parties peace of mind that their efforts are protected and reassurance that there is complete transparency into the work being done.


IP Management

You must have a coherent data strategy to properly protect your intellectual property. Establishing a data room to store all IP-related information is a wise decision even if you don't need to share it with outside parties. Once set up, simply grant access to only those who need it to ensure that your IP remains secure.


Document Storage

Your c-suite needs a central location to securely share sensitive corporate documentation internally as well as with outside investors and advisors. Utilizing your data room as the system of truth for your business means that your information is securely accessible from anywhere, and you'll be prepared for any opportunity, should one arise.

Virtual Data Room Client Testimonials


Inogen, Inc.

“I wish we had started using SecureDocs much sooner. We went through multiple rounds of financing as a private company and it would have made my life so much easier.”

Ali Bauerlein,

CFO & Co-Founder


Appscale Systems, Inc.

“SecureDocs is a purpose-built solution that provides the security I'm looking for at a price that's 80% less than our previous virtual data room.”

Woody Rollins,

CFO & Co-Founder


Lastline, Inc.

“The security features of the system are superior to other VDRs that I have used and researched. I feel completely safe knowing my sensitive documents are in SecureDocs.”

Giovanni Vigna,

CTO & Co-Founder

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