When choosing a Virtual Data Room (VDR), it's important to find the solution that fits your needs quickly. It's likely you're in the market for a VDR to help facilitate an upcoming M&A transaction, a round of fundraising, or another financial event that requires immediate action, so implementation time and ease of use should drive your software selection process.

This checklist includes:

  • Virtual Data Room Features and Options
  • What to Keep in Your Virtual Data Room
  • Who Should Have Access to Your Data
  • Top VDR Use Cases

The Data Room Checklist gives you everything you need to know when preparing to implement a virtual data room, as well as some things to consider once your data room is in place.

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"The data room is not meant to be a complicated part of the deal. It should be really straightforward, easy to use, and no one should have any access issues. With SecureDocs the data room is not a problem.”

Colin Magowan
Director of Business Development
Immunomic Therapeutics