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A new wave of Asian buyers, especially out of China, are hungry for technology acquisitions and investments. But what are they after, how do you reach them, and what are the ramifications of doing a deal overseas?

This webcast from SecureDocs Virtual Data Room and Corum Group, the leading seller of technology companies globally, examines these questions and more.

  • Why Asian buyers are so eager for North American and European technology acquisitions.
  • Why Asian buyers are doing deals of all sizes, from very large to moderate.
  • How to best reach and leverage the potential acquirers in Asia.
  • What it’s like working with a buyer in Asia.

Meet the Presenter: 

JimPerkins-Sm-Color-1.jpgEntertainment software entrepreneur Jim Perkins is directly responsible for publishing some of the industry’s biggest franchises, including Unreal, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Doom, Hunting Unlimited, and Driver. A well-known senior executive with a 22-year track record of publishing such bestselling hits, he founded and grew two highly successful software publishing companies (FormGen and ARUSH) from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises.

His success and extensive experience uniquely qualify him as an expert in building value and realizing wealth. Jim serves as Vice President at Corum Group, the world’s leading software M&A firm, with a specific focus on educating and helping prospective sellers maximize the value of their digital media companies, and recently led the sale of Digital Extremes to Leyou Technologies out of Hong Kong and Perfect World based in Beijing.