Features of SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Solution

Our virtual data room solution was purpose-built to help you securely share your sensitive company documentation quickly and with strict access control. When not in a deal, use SecureDocs as a corporate archive of your company's key documents and remain prepared for a transaction. 15-minute setup, maximum security, and pricing starting at $200/month- everything you need in a secure virtual data room.

Simple User Interface

Our data rooms are so easy to use that most new users don't require training. Many virtual data room solutions have a complicated implementation and training process. SecureDocs takes 15 minutes to implement. With features like search, indexing, and single sign-on for multiple data rooms, it will never take long to find the document you're looking for. Focus on your business, not the software.

Two-Factor Authentication 

With the increase in stolen passwords and cybersecurity risks, two-factor authentication is an effective way to safeguard your information. Even if passwords were compromised, by using two-factor authentication, your data room would remain inaccessible. Because we understand how important this is, SecureDocs includes two-factor standard with all data room subscriptions, no additional fees. Two-factor authentication works both in the U.S. and internationally.


Permission-Based User Roles

You'll likely have several people within your company who need access to the data room, and during a deal, you'll need to grant access to outside parties. SecureDocs has permission-based user roles, allowing you to control who can access which documents and folders. Choose between view-only (printing-disabled) access, download/print access, full access (a collaborative option), and administrator level privileges.

Activity Alerts

New document notifications send an email to users when files are uploaded to the data room. Email notifications contain links to documents so the end user can access them quickly. Administrators also have the option to receive an audit log of the day's activity automatically emailed to them.


Audit Logs

Audit-trail reporting allows you to see all user activity in the data room, useful for gauging investor and partner interest as well as assisting in the maintenance of a compliant environment. SecureDocs tracks the date, time, and activity of each user so you have total visibility into what is happening in your data room. Administrators can choose to have a complete audit log report emailed to them each day.

24/7 Support

Our users rarely need support. But when they do, a fast response is critical. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 via both phone and email so that you can get the answers you need quickly.


Document Protection

Because a virtual data room contains a snapshot of your company and all of its proprietary documentation, safeguarding this information while making it accessible is important. View-only access, customizable NDAs, and personally-identifiable watermarks help protect your documents and your business.

Drag & Drop Uploads

Getting your data room functional as quickly as possible is key. Drag and drop uploads for both documents and bulk folders allow you to get items into your data room easily, with no additional plugins required. Your folder and document structure will be maintained as it is uploaded.