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Franchise Group

“SecureDocs was extremely easy to learn from an administrator and user perspective. We had secure control over our documents and were able to manage multiple projects simultaneously with one subscription. It was extremely time and cost-efficient.”

Andrew Kaminsky

Executive VP & Chief Administrative Officer

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"Being able to remotely access information is nice. There have been many situations that I have been on the road and needed to know details from a particular document, and I have been able to look it up using SecureDocs."

Vineet Sarin


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"Any time that there is confidentiality and you are going on to due diligence, it’s very helpful to have a document repository that you can refer to, control access, and be able to understand to some degree how people are engaging with your materials."

Colin Magowan

Business Development

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"SecureDocs allows us to easily manage multiple transactions using one data room. Currently we have over 8,400 documents in our data room, and it is remarkably easy to manage using a custom folder structure and flexible permission based user roles."

Mykel Sprinkles


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"We researched other data rooms and what we liked about SecureDocs is that it combines a lot of features into one. And when we compared it to the other data rooms, SecureDocs stood out in functionality and ease of use."

Steve Tokarz


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"SecureDocs allowed us to quickly, reliably disseminate due diligence to buyers and that helped speed up our overall deal timeline, saving us over 100 hours."

Vijay Chevli

Managing Principal

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"SecureDocs is an efficient, straightforward, secure system that has become a valuable tool for our company as we grow."

Don Stewart

President and CEO

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Tony Lynch, MT Consulting
Senior Analyst & Valuation Expert
The best data room I have ever used!
"SecureDocs is the best data room I have ever used. It is easy to use, their customer service is quick and responsive (though we almost never need to contact them) and it is easy to understand and use."
Chase Nuzum, Valmont Industries
Corporate Development
The pricepoint is great!
"The price point is great if you are running multiple deals that are short term in nature. The flexibility of payment options was a nice part for us as we have both long and short term deals. Also, the features available are more than enough for the confidential, secure, and ease-of-use for a data room. All of our employees have found it easy-to-use."
Andrew Robertson, Tapjoy
VP of Finance
Simple to set up and use.
"Ease of use is key for a data room. This software makes it simple to set up and use to share files and also to manage permissions which can become complex."
Thomas Krol, Novadiol
Chief Development Officer
Easy to use and control.
"Easy to use and control. We are a startup biopharma company and have limited time for support services. SecureDocs is very intuitive and our potential investors and partners found it easy and helpful."