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With an easy-to-use interface, 24/7 dedicated support team, sophisticated security features, and transparent, flat-fee pricing, SecureDocs offers a different experience with virtual data room software. Rapid self-setup means you can have your virtual data room up and running in 10 minutes or less - no need to speak with a salesperson or commit to any technical training. The intuitive, quick-start design means you’ll be deal-ready in minutes.

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Explore SecureDocs Data Room Software Features

Customizable Dashboards
Permission-Based Roles
Audit Log Reporting
Advanced Search
Electronic Signature & Templates
Customizable Dashboards

Make smart assumptions. Customizable dashboards and real-time user statistics allow you to analyze the activity of individuals or groups to gauge buyer or investor interest.

Customizable Dashboards
Permission-Based Roles

Control access to confidential company information with permission-based user roles to define full access, no access, view only, or download.

Permission-Based Roles
Audit Log Reporting

Detailed audit logs keep administrators informed of all data room activity. Includes date and time stamps and optional daily reporting.

Audit Log Reporting
Advanced Search

Find any document in your virtual data room fast with our advanced search feature.

Advanced Search
Electronic Signature & Templates

Quickly create, send, and sign NDAs, confidential information memorandums, and other deal paperwork using SecureDocs e-signature and templates


Answer questions directly in your virtual data room or via email. Publish FAQs to your data room and save time.


Instant Usability with
Quick-Start Setup

Simple, intuitive design complements robust, industry-leading security for a different approach to data room software. Your virtual data room is easy to launch and conveniently deal-ready in minutes, no time-consuming training required. Start managing your confidential corporate documents immediately.

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Stay in Control of Sensitive Information

Control your company’s most critical documentation with SecureDocs advanced security features. Granular user permissions, watermarking, customizable NDAs, and an exportable activity log, make it easy to manage sensitive information confidently.


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Gain Valuable Insight into
Your Data Room Activity

Understanding what’s happening in your virtual data room provides valuable insight to gauge interest from buyers, investors, or other external parties. Your SecureDocs customizable dashboard lets you filter activity by user, role, or group, document uploads/downloads, and document views.

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Better Virtual Data Room Software

SecureDocs data room software makes managing and sharing highly-sensitive documentation easy. With an intuitive interface and powerful security features, you’ll be confidently using your data room in minutes.

24/7 Service and Support
Contact our industry-leading support team 24/7. And count on our 99.9% uptime to ensure you have access to your secure virtual data room whenever you need it.
Built-In Electronic Signature
Sign, organize, and share all your deal documents from your data room. Save time off your deal timeline by creating and using e-signature templates for frequently signed documents such as NDAs, confidential information memorandums, and more. You can also create self-serve agreements for signature for NDAs or other documents with AnySign link sharing.
Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Users
An industry first: transparent, flat-fee pricing that includes unlimited document storage, and unlimited users. This revolutionary pricing model offers the flexibility for long-term use as your company grows.
SAML 2.0/ Single Sign-On (SSO)
Ensure the proper people have the appropriate access. With single sign-on (SSO) using the SAML 2.0 standard, SecureDocs data room software allows for easy identity management across your organization.
Industry-Leading Security Features
Secure your confidential documents and your peace of mind with SecureDocs. Your sensitive corporate information is protected with maximum security features, including multi-factor authentication, watermarking, user permissions, and audit trail reporting.
Amazon Web Services Data Centers
Trust the experts. SecureDocs is powered by AWS-certified data centers that provide robust security features including segmentation, firewalls, intrusion detection, electronic key cards, pin codes, biometric hand scans, and on-site security officers.

Affordable Pricing Options to Fit Your Needs

Choose the affordable, flat-fee pricing that’s right for your business. With no hidden fees, you’ll always know what to expect.

3 Month Plan
$400 /Month Billed Quarterly

Choose this plan when you need a secure data room for a short-term project. Ideal for safely executing, sharing, tracking, and storing documentation related to divestments, M&A, and bankruptcy.

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Volume Packages
Options available

Choose this plan if you’re managing multiple deals simultaneously and need a secure virtual solution to keep everything organized and moving forward. Billed annually. Contact us for volume pricing.

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“SecureDocs combines a lot of features into one. We like the esignature, we like the ability to customize user roles and permissions, we like having an archive of our critical documents. And when we compared it to the other data rooms, SecureDocs stood out in functionality and ease of use.”

Steve Tokarz
StabiLux Biosciences Inc.

“The data room is not meant to be a complicated part of the deal. It should be really straightforward, easy to use, and no one should have any access issues. With SecureDocs the data room is not a problem.”

Colin Magowan
Director of Business Development
Immunomic Therapeutics

“SecureDocs allowed us to quickly, reliably disseminate due diligence to buyers, and that helped us save over 100 hours on our overall deal timeline.”

Vijay A. Chevli
Managing Principal
Innovus Advisors, LLC