Our story

SecureDocs, an Onit Company, is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, and is dedicated to building software solutions that are highly secure, easily adopted, and affordable for every business.

After using traditional virtual data rooms for financial transactions earlier in their careers, the founders of SecureDocs knew they could build something better. They set out to create a virtual data room solution that would allow users to work quickly, efficiently, and securely, with a price point that made sense for businesses of all sizes. SecureDocs Virtual Data Room was launched in April 2012 and has since seen thousands of financial transactions worth billions of dollars completed on the platform.

In January, 2022, SecureDocs was acquired by Onit, the market leader in enterprise legal management, enterprise contract lifecycle management, and business process automation solutions. Together we can provide even greater value to our customers thanks to a complementary offering of products and services.


We build easy-to-use software

Our suite of systems and solutions help businesses work quickly, efficiently, and securely. The intuitive software can be set up in minutes and is priced affordably for businesses of all sizes.

SecureDocs currently offers three products, SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, built to share and store sensitive company information, ContractWorks Contract Management Software, built to help legal teams take control of their contracts, and ReadySign, built to help companies looking to securely sign and store documents electronically.

1-Get up and running fast

"I wish we had started using SecureDocs much sooner. We went through multiple rounds of financing as a private company and it would have made my life so much easier."

Ali Bauerlein
CFO and Co-Founder
Inogen, Inc.

"SecureDocs is the best data room I have ever used. It is easy to use, their customer service is quick and responsive (though we almost never need to contact them)."

Tony Lynch
Senior Analyst & Valuation Expert
MT Consulting

"We have successfully processed 14 transactions, 2 exits, and more than 10 follow-on transactions using SecureDocs with zero security issues."

Mykel Sprinkles
TVC Capital

SecureDocs by the numbers


What we believe

We believe that a sleek and simple user interface saves time and empowers our clients to work more efficiently.
We believe that business software should be highly functional and secure without being expensive.
We believe our clients come first, which is why we’re committed to being available 24/7, 365 days a year to answer any questions and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
We believe in providing our clients the safest ecosystem for business deals and online document storage.

Meet our team

Our team is a group of talented, innovative, and hard-working people who are dedicated to providing highly functional software with outstanding service and support.

Casey Roberts

VP of Sales

Parker Eliot

Director, Customer Success

Eugene Gimelberg

Director of Software Development

Lorien Maxwell

Sales Manager

Anthony Perry

Sales Director

Patricia VanHoove

Product Manager

Jason Ash

Customer Success Manager

Steph Brooks

Product Manager

Viki Chen

UX Designer

Andrew Ding

Support Representative

Konstantin Dzreev

Principal Software Engineer

Lulu Erkeneff

Sales Development Representative

Kai Faulkner

Junior Software Engineer

Ethan Goldman

Implementation Manager

Brooke Heller

Account Manager

Chris Hudson

Account Manager

Cody Joy

Senior Software Engineer

Jason Melgoza

Senior UI Designer

Tara Naughter

Senior Marketing Campaign Manager

Case Regan

Junior Software Engineer

Michelle Rosen

Implementation Manager

Brendan Shanny

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew Sim

Account Manager

Richard Swan

Account Manager

Mary Toomey

Account Manager

Jason Valenti

Senior Account Manager

Curtis Worden

Account Manager