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Remain Ahead of Opportunity

Store all of your critical corporate information in a single system of truth, and never miss an opportunity again.

Central Repository

Utilizing SecureDocs LTR as a central repository allows you to securely store and quickly access all of your corporate documentation.

Custom Data Fields & Reporting

Identify documents with information that is important to your business. SecureDocs LTR allows you to attach unique identifiers to your documents, then create reports to save and share around any data-point you choose.

Milestone Notifications

Whether you are renegotiating a contract or expecting an upcoming expiration date, SecureDocs LTR alerts you of any future date you choose.

OCR Text Search

OCR text search allows you to search within your repository quickly, helping you find the information you’re looking for in seconds- not hours.

Control Your Data

Secure and control your corporate data with SecureDocs LTR, and protect the value of your company.

Permission-Based User Roles

Set permission-based user roles to control various levels of access to documents and folders.

Audit Trail Reporting

Track every interaction with your corporate information down to the user, date, time, and type of action taken.

Built-in Electronic Signature

Sign and execute NDAs and other agreements in seconds using the SecureDocs LTR built-in electronic signature with templates.

Automatic Document Indexing

All of your signed agreements will automatically be tracked and securely filed immediately. Remaining secure while you wait for SecureDocs LTR to alert you when the document needs your attention in the future.

Corporate Document Storage Audit-Trial Reporting esignature Document Indexing


Industry Leading Security 

SecureDocs LTR utilizes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, the leader in online security, and has a custom feature set built for security including encryption of data and two-factor authentication.


Transparent Pricing

SecureDocs LTR gives you the features you need to secure and manage your business documents from $600/month with unlimited users & documents, 24/7 support, and data migration included.

“We use SecureDocs as a general repository and filing system for all contracts and key documents in our business. It not only helps us keep our virtual data room constantly updated, it's a great tool for contract management. We definitely run much more efficiently having SecureDocs.”
Gloria D. Sefton - Corporate Counsel, AcuFocus, Inc

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