About SecureDocs, Inc.

Located in Santa Barbara, California the team at SecureDocs, Inc. is dedicated to building software solutions that are highly secure, easily adopted, and affordable for any type or size of business. Products are characterized by a simple user interface, features that actually get used, and a publicly available pricing plan with no hidden fees. SecureDocs, Inc. products are engineered with close attention to client privacy, so we do not have access to client data.
  •  Ansible Acquired by Red Hat for $100 M+ 
  •  TechValidate Acquired by SurveyMonkey
  •  Procore Technologies $30 M Fundraise
  •  Cynvenio Biosystems $25.5 M Fundraise
  •  Sonos $100 M Fundraise
  •  Avvo, Inc. $71.5 M Fundraise
  •  Inogen Inc. $70.5 M IPO
  •  Immunomic Therapeutics $70 M Fundraise
  •  AppFolio, Inc. $70 M IPO
  • eFFECTOR Therapeutics $40 M Fundraise
  • Arcapita $85 M Acquisition
  • Ensysce Biosciences and Signature Therapeutics Merger
  • Global Cash Access Acquires Multimedia Games for $1.2 B
  • Invoca $30 M Fundraise
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What We Believe



We believe in providing our clients the safest ecosystem for business deals and online document storage.

$100 Billion+

Transactions Securely Completed



We believe that a sleek and simple user interface saves time and allows our clients to work more efficiently.

15 minute setup

No Assistance Required



We believe that a virtual data room doesn't have to be expensive in order to be highly functional and secure.


Unlimited Users and Data





SecureDocs-Virtual Data Room

Our goal in building SecureDocs Virtual Data Room was to disrupt the data room market. The team responsible for developing SecureDocs had encountered their own frustrations in using more traditional virtual data rooms during earlier financial transactions, both in terms of cost and usability. We wanted to create a data room solution that enabled our clients to work quickly, efficiently, and securely. And we wanted to do it at a price point that made sense for businesses of all sizes, not only during transactions, but also as an ongoing repository for their corporate documentation. SecureDocs Virtual Data Room was launched in April 2012 and has since seen thousands of financial transactions worth tens of billions of dollars completed on the platform.

ContractWorks-Contract Management Software

ContractWorks is a new product from SecureDocs, Inc. that launched in February 2015. Like SecureDocs, ContractWorks focuses on usability and a simple user interface. ContractWorks features a comprehensive contract management feature set for companies that are keen to move away from managing contracts manually, tracking details on Excel, or struggling with an existing system that's too complicated or too expensive.



The SecureDocs, Inc. leadership team has decades of experience and success in the SaaS space.   VIEW OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM