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6 Questions to Ask Before Taking your Company Public | SecureDocs

Deciding to take your company public is a huge decision and cannot be taken lightly or executed impulsively. In general, a company will have been around for awhile and gone through a lot of ups and downs before it reaches the point that it makes sense to go public. There are clearly a lot of different factors at play when considering whether to make this transition, and it is important to remember that what is good for one company may not work for another. With that in mind, here are 6 questions to ask before taking your company public:

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What to Do When You Get an Unsolicited Offer To Buy Your Business | SecureDocs

You may not even be considering selling your business when you suddenly receive an offer from another company interested in buying it. Depending on how you feel about selling your company, this may be jarring or exciting. Irrespective of how you interpret the prospect, it is important not to get too deep into the conversation. In addition to potentially disclosing sensitive information, you may actually compromise your company’s bargaining power by revealing too much. Here are some tips on what to do when you get an unsolicited offer:

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