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SecureDocs Video Case Study:Woody Rollins, Eucalyptus Systems


Woody Rollins is the CFO of Eucalyptus Systems, which is the most widely spread cloud computing IaaS service. After years of painful experiences with different virtual data rooms, Woody reached his last straw when he needed to hire a temp to set up his previous data room - it was that difficult and time consuming to use. Woody recently switched to AppFolio SecureDocs and has been able to do everything on his own with little time and effort (and no need for additional employees) at a fraction of the cost.

We asked Woody to share why he switched to AppFolio SecureDocs to fellow financial professionals and how his experience with the product has been so positive.

No extensive training required to get started: “What we appreciate most is the friendly user interface. It is much more intuitive to use than other products.”

Security ensures protection and confidentiality: “SecureDocs provides the security I am looking for. We need two-factor authentication, audit logs, and permissioning to control and track who is looking at what documents. This is something the free services just don’t provide.”

Ongoing repository of all important documents is readily available:
“It allows me to keep a repository of secured data that is available to not only the business units within the organization but also our attorneys, accountants, and 409A valuation professionals.”

Better Pricing - Saved Over 80% :
“The pricing and licensing of SecureDocs makes me smile. We pay one fee for unlimited users and unlimited uploads. We’ve saved over 80%.”

“In the end, my success is measured on how prepared I am, AppFolio SecureDocs allows me to be prepared all the time. The ease of use allows me to be much more efficient. SecureDocs saves me over 80% in costs from my previous vendor.”

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