When I started off home brewing in the early nineties, getting quality ingredients was not easy. I literally had to descend into the local suppliers basement in order to purchase metal cans of pre hopped malt syrup and dry yeast that was one step removed from bakers yeast. Needless to say, the beer my roommate Collin and I made was not the highest in quality. In the end, we did not care, we made the beer and we enjoyed it!

Fast forward to today's life as a home brewer. The available ingredients, equipment, technique and knowledge have come a long, long way. Chris White at White Labs is one of the brewing pioneers that have made this possible. The great craft brewing revolution has spoiled us, with countless beers we enjoy everyday starting off as high quality home brews. This is especially true in San Diego, California where Chris started White Labs.

When I found out that AppFolio SecureDocs was sponsoring a Biotech and Beer event with Chris I was very excited. I told the SecureDocs team that I use Chris's products regularly, and could name my favorite yeasts (currently WLP007) and their profiles. They thought I was making it up, but soon realized I was sincere. The fact that my life as a software professional is now intersecting with the home brewer in me is amazing! This is going to be a great event, made even better by the fact that Green Flash is hosting.

Here are the details:

Monday, September 24 2012 from 5:30-8:30PM
at Green Flash Brewery Tasting Room, 6550 Mira Mesa Boulevard San Diego, 92121
Event cost: $25/$20 (Academic) - covers dinner and event.
Beer and soda is available for purchase.

Who should attend?
Professionals in the life science industry who live in the greater San Diego area.

For more details please see the event description on the San Diego Biotechnology Network website.

REGISTER NOW to secure your seat at the event.

Jason Randall is the VP of Product Management at AppFolio, Inc. Jason is responsible for setting the product and market entry strategy for AppFolio products. He spends his time listening to customers and working closely with the engineering team to define the business problems AppFolio’s products will solve. After hours, Jason brews his own beer (he drinks it too) and is a self-acknowledged technology nerd.


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