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Email Notification, Audit Log Export, and More- Six New Features

Email Notification

At SecureDocs, we are committed to providing our customers with the best: the highest-level of security, the simplest user-interface, and a great service experience.

That’s why we’re excited to announce six new features. These are designed to help you streamline your process, get the right information to the right people quicker, and provide additional insight into how your data room is being used.

1. Email Links- You want others working in the data room to be taken directly to an important document- no looking through the data room for the relevant information. Now, you can email a direct link to any user. Simply copy the link, paste it to the body of an email and send. And we’ve kept security at a maximum:
-All users will be required to login before accessing any link. After login, they will be taken directly to the relevant document or folder.
-Emailed to the wrong person? Not a problem. Only users who have been granted permission to access any document or folder will be able to access it with the link.

2. New Document Notifications- You’re waiting on an important document and want to be notified when it’s in the data room. Now you will, with new document notifications. This feature is enabled on the Users page- you can select for yourself or others to be notified of new uploads in the data room. Notifications are sent hourly, only when there is activity.
-Administrators can activate this feature for any user.
-A user will only receive notifications for folders and documents that they have permission to access.

3. Audit Log Export- The new audit log export gives you the power to export all activity in the audit log into .csv format. You can use that information to sort for the insights you need to understand who is using the data room and when. You can choose to export by date range or select a specific user (or all users). This feature is available to data room administrators.

4. Data Room Sorting- We’ve added another way for you to find the information you’re looking for, quicker. Sort your folder view by name, upload date, or index number. This feature is available to all users.

5. Data Room Index- The new data room index allows you to see an at-a-glance view of all of the folders and documents in your data room. You can quickly download a .pdf of your data room structure to keep track of your documents and folders. This feature is available for all users. Each user will see the specific data room structure of the documents and folders that they have access to.

6. SecureDocs Help Site- Have a basic question about SecureDocs? Want some quick training on the product? Our newSecureDocs help site contains a list of FAQs as well as a training video that reviews SecureDocs basics.

We love to hear your feedback on our new features!

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