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Announcing ContractWorks by SecureDocs, Inc.


SecureDocs, Inc. is thrilled to announce our newest product- ContractWorks Contract Management SoftwareWith the addition of ContractWorks to our family of products we are able to offer an affordably priced software service that helps you gain control of your contracts by offering features that help your business work more efficiently, protect your company's most valuable data, and save you both time and money.

Simple and Easy to Use

ContractWorks' was deliberately designed to be simple and straightforward. Why? We wanted to offer our clients a product that would actually get used. Because what is the point of implementing a product if its too complicated to get off the ground? (A problem that companies come across all to often when taking on tedious world of contract management.) Companies like Sonos have already started implementing ContractWorks in addition to their SecureDocs Virtual Data Room. Here is what they had to say about ContractWorks:

“Ease of use makes this product stand out from others we’ve tried. Anyone can login and begin using it from day one.”

-Colin McCarthy, Contracts Paralegal, Sonos, Inc.

A Comprehensive Feature Set


ContractWorks is for companies that are looking to move away from managing contracts manually, tracking details using spreadsheets, or are struggling with an existing contract management process that's too complicated or too expensive. With a digitized system that makes finding specific contracts quick and easy, and an advanced tag-based search to find contracts based on data points that you have identified as important, this customizable software allows for your business to work on its own terms.

Industry-Leading Security

We know that your corporate contracts are the life-line of your business, containing valuable information that cannot be compromised. That's why we've built our contract management software on top of the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room's industry-leading secure platform. With privacy and security top of mind businesses can securely store and share all of their critical documentation with strict access control and user activity tracking.

As with all SecureDocs, Inc. product ContractWorks has publicly available pricing plans with no hidden fees, offers quick set-up, is easy to use, and although not usually needed we have a 24/7 support team to assist you with any questions you may have. Visit to learn more.

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