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Inbound M&A Is This The Right Decision For Your Business

For most entrepreneurs, nothing is more satisfying than seeing their small startup become a successful, thriving business. And that success doesn't go unnoticed for long. Competitive brands and private equity groups are always on the lookout for new and established businesses with positive growth potential. In these cases, it doesn't take long for an attractive M&A offer to be made.

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The 5 Best Podcasts for Business Leaders and Startup Stars

Business podcasts are a great way to get ahead at work or boost your entrepreneurial efforts, especially if you don't have time to read business-centric books or attend conferences and seminars.

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Know Your Worth: Calculating Working Capital in M&A Transactions

Working capital is a measure of the capital a business uses during its day-to-day operations. This calculation is important because it gives an insight into the short-term financial health of the business.

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Live Webinar: Start with the Exit in Mind

When it comes to M&A, proper planning can make the difference between a blockbuster deal...and no deal at all. After all, 16% of startups exit, and over 80% fail. That means meticulous execution is critical. In our latest SecureDocs live webinar, Start with the Exit in Mind, TechStrat's Nat Burgess will provide an in-depth analysis of a third factor, proven to drive high valuation in the tech sector in the shortest amount of time.

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An Exploration of Mid-Tier Consolidation in US Banking Market

The banking sector has contracted significantly over the last twenty years. In 1988 there were approximately 13,400 commercial banks in the US; by the end of 2018 that had dropped to about 4,800. That's a 65% drop.

Most of these banks didn't fail - they merged. The rate of mergers today for banks with less than $10bn in assets is almost double what it was during the financial crisis.

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What Public Companies Can Learn From Private-Equity Strategies

Those in business may not see many similarities between the financial practices of publicly traded companies and private equity businesses, but believe it or not, there are things that public companies can learn from the latter. Here are some important lessons to pay attention to.

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The Post-Merger Synergy: How to Avoid Common M&A Pitfalls and Risks

The first nine months of 2018 saw record-breaking M&A activity of $3.3 trillion--yet months or years later, many of these deals will fall short of expectations. One classic KPMG study found that 83 percent of mergers fail to boost shareholders' returns.

Mergers and acquisitions are always a perilous situation for all parties involved, yet businesses continue to believe that the potential upsides are worth the risks. The good news is that by applying foresight and taking proactive steps, you'll be much more likely to have a successful merger.

In this blog post, we'll give a quick rundown of the challenges that businesses face during and after M&A activity--and how you can overcome them.

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Using Major Acquisitions to Trigger Positive Change at Your Company

New mergers and acquisitions can be an exciting, but also stressful time for both employees and stakeholders alike. While some individuals may look forward to the unique opportunities brought about by organizational change, others may be uncertain of what the future holds.

Regardless, major acquisitions, when executed effectively, can bring about positive change for an organization, especially when company leaders work together to make the right transformational decisions.

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Why Due Diligence Matters

Mergers and acquisitions can be an exciting part of business transformations, especially if you're a business owner who's received an attractive offer from a prospective buyer. However, while the future is without a doubt filled with promise, it's important not to get too ahead of yourself, as the next step in the process can be a lengthy one - due diligence.

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What the Future Holds for Biotech in 2019

As the new year quickly approaches, many entrepreneurs and investors alike are looking closely at the biotech industry. In the past year, biotech and healthcare service companies have been acquired for record-setting premiums, and many are wondering if 2019 will see the same flurry of deals.

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