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How Technology Will Transform M&A in 2019 and Beyond

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming larger, more complex, and more valuable than ever before. Recent years have seen a rise in “mega-mergers” such as Disney-Fox, AT&T-Time Warner, CVS Health-Aetna, and Heinz-Kraft—each one worth tens of billions of dollars.

What’s more, it’s not just giant corporations that are merging. According to Accenture Research, 87 percent of firms have acquired another company in the past two years.

As this growth in M&A activity continues, businesses will need cutting-edge technological solutions in order to successfully execute the transaction. In this article, we’ll discuss 3 ways that technology will transform M&A in the short and medium term.

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Assessing Cybersecurity During M&A Due Diligence

When sizing up a potential M&A partner, most organizations focus on practical concerns such as their customer base or new product line.

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Start with the Exit Webinar Recap

On Wednesday, March 27th, we hosted a live webinar,  Start with the Exit in Mind, Building M&A value from startup to exit. The webinar focused primarily on M&A strategies and how to drive high valuation in the tech sector in the shortest amount of time.

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Introducing SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Now With Q&A

Complex deals can involve thousands of questions, which must be tracked and answered quickly and securely. If you’re using spreadsheets, emails or another outside method to handle your inquiries, you already understand the stress and frustration involved. Who sees your documents? Who is authorized to answer? How do you track it all? 

Ready for a simple, straightforward and secure Q&A process? Introducing SecureDocs new Q&A tool designed to make the Q&A process fast, easy, and manageable.

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Mid-Year Update for the Middle Market - 2018

Overall, the middle market is experiencing strong performance in 2018. According to the National Center for the Middle Market, companies in this sector reported employment growth rates of 6.3 percent and revenue growth rates of 8.4 percent -- both at the highest level within the past year. The center also notes that confidence in both the global and local economy is at an all time high in this sector, which is likely encouraging M&A activity and growth.

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8 Best Practices for Acquiring a Company

There are a lot of potential advantages to acquiring another entity, and this is true for both fledgling startups and well-established enterprises. Joining forces with an existing business by virtue of a merger or acquisition can help a company increase its market share, tap into new geographical areas, expand product and service lines, eliminate a competitor, or cut costs through economies of scale. It does not necessarily matter why a company pursues an acquisition, so long as there is ample preparation beforehand and a carefully crafted, well-executed plan. Here are eight best practices for acquiring a company:

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4 Tips for Developing an Effective M&A Branding Strategy

Whether a larger company is absorbing a smaller brand or two entities are merging to form a new company, branding plays a critical role in the success -- or failure -- of the outcome. By creating a comprehensive branding strategy that takes culture, customers, and communication into account, organizations can set the stage for greater success with M&A activity. Here are four tips for developing a strategy that protects existing brand values, which are often an important asset driving mergers in the first place.

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5 Common M&A Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

According to a KPMG study, attempted mergers have a failure rate around 83 percent. Other research shows a different  rate of failure, but it's always above 50 percent, which means you're up against some serious challenges when you step into the M&A waters. CEOs and companies that want to hedge as many bets as possible can learn from common M&A mistakes so they can avoid or mitigate as many hurdles to success as possible.
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Before the IPO: 5 Items CEOs Should Have in Order

Going public doesn't always go well, and even the biggest brands can stumble when leaping this hurdle. In 2013, for example, Twitter scored huge with the fourth biggest IPO of the year, while social giant Facebook floundered with unexpectedly poor performance on the first day. Even IPOs that break records on day one aren't necessarily success stories, though (it works the other way, too, as the eventual Facebook success shows). CEOs can take action to help hedge bets leading into an IPO. Here are five areas that should be in order before going public.

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What Is Amalgamation?

In many mergers and acquisitions, one company takes over the business of another, and the second company ceases to exist as an organization. That's known as absorption. Sometimes, though, there are enough benefits associated with a completely new brand or legal entity that two companies combine to form an entirely new entity. That process is known as amalgamation.

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