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Raising Capital from Life Science Investors [WEBINAR]


DATE CHANGE: Webinar hosted by SecureDocs & Life Science Nation on October 22, 2015 at 10am PST. 


While the current IPO environment has created a much more positive outlook for life science and drawn significant capital from retail investors, there remains a very high level of competition from entrepreneurs for those dollars in the early stage. Being able to understand the current investor landscape and how to navigate it will dramatically increase your chances of getting in front of the right investors. 


Click here to watch "Raising Capital from Life Science Investors" now!



Here are four quick tips  for working with investors: 


  • Get started long before you need the capital
  • Understand what the investors mandate is/who is a fit for your technology
  • Keeping your initial message cogent and brief
  • Be flexible to different types of partnership structures


Join us October 22, 2015 to learn more. The special 1 hour webinar: Raising Capital from Life Science Investors will be presented by SecureDocs and Life Science Nation and feature speaker Michael Quigley, the Director of Research for Life Science Nation, LLC. He will discuss his experience with this trend and provide you tips and resources on: 


  • Identifying investors in the life science space
  • Understanding the investor types and new players
  • Determine fit with a potential investor
  • Marketing your opportunity effectively
  • What it takes to close a deal


Presenter Information:

Michael Quigley is the Director of Research for LSN in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been with the company for 2 years, researching life science investors from around the globe. In addition to managing a team of research analysts in the US and abroad, Michael is the Co-Editor of LSN’s Next Phase Newsletter, where he and his team write about their latest discoveries from the life science private investment ecosystem. Michael’s passion for the life science industry was sparked by a course he took while earning his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance at Bentley University. During the course, entitled The Business of Biotech, Michael quickly became aware of the massive financing needs required to get a medical product approved and into the hands of doctors and patients. This massive need for capital paired with the lack of forward-looking data available on private investors is what drew him to work in investor research for LSN.



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