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Tips for Choosing Your Online Document Storage Solution


Online document storage is without a doubt the most effective way keep your business documents today. The ability to gain access at anytime, and from anywhere, is certainly appealing to businesses of all sizes and industries. And most companies who are choosing to “go paperless,” and utilize an online document storage solution, have a smorgasbord of documentation that they need to keep organized and secure. With everything from intellectual property to private employee data the documents most are storing online are in fact the life-line of their businesses.

But with so many document storage solutions available online how do you choose which one is the best for your business? Before you choose your solution read the information and tips below, and learn what to look for and why.


When seeking a way to safely store and share business documents online, look for a solution that offers in-depth security features like strict access control, permission-based user roles, and two factor authentication. This will give you custom control over who can access your files, how they access them, and knowledge into how they are interacting with your business documents- while ensuring that all of your company’s information remains safe should a cyber attack or security breach attempt occur.

Tip: Many commonly used file sharing services were not built with security and strict access control top of mind. They were built to give users access to documents in the cloud from multiple devices and through multiple services - great for collaboration, not great for protecting sensitive information. So, if keeping your critical business documents and employee data secure is a priority for your business, consider an alternative to file sharing solutions such as Dropbox, and choose a secure virtual data room provider as your online document storage solution.


Your company information should only be accessible to those that you have determined appropriate. Whether you are raising funds from investors, sharing agreements between partners, or communicating with clients your information should remain private. That includes not only your company data, but your users as well. Make sure the company you choose as your provider isn’t using your user information to gain new marketing opportunities, and certainly make sure they do not have access to your business files.

Tip: If privacy is a concern, make sure you ask questions about the type of access your online document storage provider has into your files, if any. Find out where your information is stored, and what measures are being taken to protect it. All information lives somewhere, make sure you know where yours is.

Ease of Use

By moving all of your documents online you are creating a snapshot of your business. It allows you to access all of your documents in one place and at any time. Having the executive filing cabinet organized and online allows your business to remain ready for opportunity, and protected should an issue arise. Seeking out a solution that offers a simple user interface ensures that it will get used, and ultimately will set your business up for success.

Tip: Traditional data rooms can be clunky challenging to get up and running. Online file sharing solutions can be easy and efficient, but they aren’t necessarily secure. If you are looking for a secure solution that can also get up in running in minutes, consider using a SecureDocs Virtual Data Room.

Transparent Pricing

Online document storage pricing can vary tremendously depending on the provider. After you’ve decided to make the migration of your business documents online, research the cost of implementing a variety of options. Make sure to take into consideration the ongoing cost of the service, as well as the amount of company time, that it will require to get things moving forward. Not to mention the cost if something goes wrong.

Tip: Some services allow for price negotiation, some do not. When looking for a provider make sure that you are not going to end up in a situation where (a) you are in a constant price negotiation battle, (b) being treated differently than the provider’s other clients, (c) forced to compensate for hidden fees elsewhere in your business.

Dedicated Data Room Features

If you are choosing to put your company's most valuable information online cutting corners in order to save a little upfront could potentially cost you much more should a data breach occur. You want to implement a solution that has dedicated data room features, and is not designed to be simply a collaboration tool.

Tip: Virtual data rooms help you run your business, maximize your deals, and keep your information secure. Collaboration or file sharing tools can be incredibly useful in certain scenarios, but when it comes to protecting your company information they can fall short in the security department.  

File Sharing Solutions, Traditional Data Rooms, and SecureDocs Virtual Data Rooms all have different benefits and best use case scenarios. So, before migrating your documents online do your due diligence. Think about what type of information you are storing, who needs to access your company information, and why? Find out about the companies that are offering the solutions. Understand their offerings, policies, and features. Choose the solution that best fits your needs.

For more information about a SecureDocs Virtual Data Room contact us today. We are here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.