How Technology Will Transform M&A in 2019 and Beyond

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming larger, more complex, and more valuable than ever before. Recent years have seen a rise in “mega-mergers” such as Disney-Fox, AT&T-Time Warner, CVS Health-Aetna, and Heinz-Kraft—each one worth tens of billions of dollars.

What’s more, it’s not just giant corporations that are merging. According to Accenture Research, 87 percent of firms have acquired another company in the past two years.

As this growth in M&A activity continues, businesses will need cutting-edge technological solutions in order to successfully execute the transaction. In this article, we’ll discuss 3 ways that technology will transform M&A in the short and medium term.

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Assessing Cybersecurity During M&A Due Diligence

When sizing up a potential M&A partner, most organizations focus on practical concerns such as their customer base or new product line.

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How the Latest Privacy Legislation Can Trigger Shareholder Lawsuits

Privacy legislation for online activities is long overdue. Most consumers welcome it because they hope it will help protect their data. However, from a corporate perspective, privacy legislation opens the door for more compliance lawsuits brought on by shareholders, especially for technology companies.

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How Using VDR Helps Public Works Manage Critical Records

Public works departments oversee many services critical to local communities. Additionally, inadequate planning and organization could lead to disruptions in the delivery of water, sewage, or electrical services. Given the importance of these public services, there are many rules and regulations in place to ensure proper compliance.

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Board Communication & Virtual Data Rooms

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are highly secure, cloud-based data repositories that make it easy and safe to upload and share critical information. VDRs are already commonly used to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, due diligence investigations, and fundraising rounds. However, given their utility and affordability, they are increasingly relied upon in a variety of other capacities. Here are five reasons VDRs are particularly useful for board communications. 

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3 Tips for Maintaining an Organized Virtual Data Room

Decades ago, the file room was often the heart of an organization — information  flowed  in and out of its chambers, bringing critical resources to every part of a company. While  paper  is on the fast track to obsolescence in many environments, the file room has evolved to take up residence on local servers or the cloud, with virtual data rooms making M&A due diligence and paperwork that much easier.

And yet, the  organization  of that data room remains a key aspect of ongoing business success. Check out these three tips for maintaining an organized virtual data room to support your entire organization — whether you’re in the midst of M&A activity or not.

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M&A Due Diligence & Cybersecurity

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are fairly routine deals these days, and conducting a due diligence investigation to identify and rectify potential issues before sealing the deal is obligatory. Although due diligence is an expected part of the process, the scope of the investigation continues to evolve. These days, companies need to scrutinize more than just financials, with matters related to technology and cybersecurity becoming increasingly important. Here are the key aspects of cybersecurity to consider during due diligence:

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5 Tips To Attract Private Equity

Companies of all sizes and in all sectors are almost always in need of capital infusions, at least at some point in their existence. These days, there are several interesting ways for companies to raise the funds they need. Private equity can be particularly helpful for companies looking to grow substantially, tap entirely new markets, acquire another entity, exit for a handsome sum in the future, and/or simply use capital to expedite any number of other, well-planned goals. But, obtaining an investment from a private equity firm is usually a lot harder than obtaining it from other sources. Companies hoping to leverage this potential avenue have to be at the top of their game. Here are 5 tips to attract private equity:

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How Important is Password Complexity In Ensuring Secure Document Sharing?

The invention of web-based corporate tools and services have alleviated a plethora of communication and organizational needs faced by businesses. With this mass adoption, however, comes a potential danger that proprietary information might be accessed by unauthorized users.

Hackers are utilizing developed techniques, typically brute-force attacks, that allow them to search for passwords based on trends and frequent user habits.

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8 Acquisition Mistakes Startups Can't Afford to Make

Many entrepreneurs create startups with the hope that in the future, their business will be acquired. For young companies, an acquisition is an incredibly exciting achievement. It is a time in which you are assured that the startup you imagined, built and nurtured was, in fact, a successful business venture. Your years of hard work and perseverance through the hurdles and the doubters has brought you to the thrilling realization of your business being valuable and sought after.

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