Is the Venture Capital Bubble About to Burst

Over the past decade, the venture-capital industry has seen tremendous growth. Last year alone, over $160 billion was spent on investments in startup companies worldwide. The interest from investors in early-stage companies has nearly tripled over the years and deal counts have continued to climb. But is it possible for this momentum to last?

Below we'll review the current state of affairs in the venture-capital sector, what has led to its rapid growth in recent years, and how the industry's financial bubble may soon be ready to burst.

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4 Must-Read Books about the Biotech Industry

In the last few years, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry has experienced enormous growth and over $9 billion in funding. In fact, the latest projections predict the biotech industry could end up being worth over $727 billion by 2025.  With so many investment opportunities and fundraising activities surrounding biotech, it makes sense that investors want to learn all they can about the industry and its future potential. With that in mind, here are our four must-read books about the past, present, and future of biotech.

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Will Asset Tokenization Revolutionize Fundraising and IPOs?

Thanks to advances in blockchain technologies, raising capital may soon get much easier. When combined with asset tokenization, blockchain technology provides a new way to raise capital that can speed up the dealmaking process, provide private companies with liquidity, and tap into new investor opportunities.

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