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At SecureDocs we value our client’s feedback and work hard to ensure our software remains the fastest way to get deal ready. That’s why we’ve updated the look of our virtual data room and added functionality to make working in SecureDocs easier and more efficient than ever. Here’s what users can expect from our latest update:

Keep key information front and center.

Securely centralizing documents has always been a simple process within SecureDocs, but the recent update provides users with even greater control over how important document information is ordered and displayed. Users can now keep key information organized by:

  • Adding files and folders as favorites for quick access.
  • Rearranging the order of displayed files and folders by dragging and dropping them into place.
  • Moving files and folders by dragging and dropping them into their new destination.

Faster document management.

Successful document management improves organization, boosts operational efficiency, and can facilitate productivity across an organization. Our latest update makes managing documents within SecureDocs even more straight-forward with the addition of action controls conveniently accessible on both the file and folder level. Action controls allow users to quickly:

  • Duplicate, delete, and download files and folders. 
  • Bulk move documents. 
  • Identify document statuses by marking as read or unread.
  • View access permissions to any selected file or folder.

Personalize your document view.

Naturally, the document content prioritized by organizations and individual roles will vary depending on their unique needs, which is why document columns are now fully customizable. Dictate the properties displayed and their layout according to your needs by:

  • Adding or removing properties from view like file type, signature status, uploaded by, upload date, page count, and more 
  • Opting to automatically alphabetize all files and folders, or customizing the order via drag and drop.
  • Manipulating the size and order of displayed columns for a better viewing experience

Executing a deal can be a demanding process, but working with a virtual data room shouldn’t be. SecureDocs is committed to providing a software solution that streamlines the entire deal process and builds confidence for all parties. To learn more about these recent product enhancements, contact your account manager or visit our help guide here.

If you are not currently a customer and want to learn how SecureDocs can help you quickly and securely store, manage, and share sensitive corporate documents, request a free trial today. 

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