Kinamed Incorporated


When managing all proprietary data businesses need a way to securely store and share their intellectual property portfolio, patents, and licensing agreements from one central location. In this case study we will discover how Kinamed Incorporated uses a SecureDocs Virtual Data Room as their corporate repository for managing their most critical business documentation while remaining HIPAA compliant.

SecureDocs Virtual Data Room


Established in 1987, Kinamed designs and manufactures implantables and instruments for orthopedics and neurosurgery.

As a medical device manufacturing company, Kinamed has a robust IP and patent portfolio that needs to be securely accessible by global users while remaining HIPAA compliant. They needed a solution that would allow them to store all of their proprietary data in one location, share information with domestic and foreign partners, and access the information from anywhere.

“Being able to remotely access information is nice. There have been many situations that I have been on the road and needed to know the details of a particular document, and I have been able to look it up using SecureDocs.”

Vineet Sarin

President at Kinamed Inc.


After a few months of initial evaluation, Kinamed decided that they needed a secure file transfer portal to exchange proprietary data with other companies and partners from around the world. They needed a solution that was easy-to-use, but that also had the security features necessary to be HIPAA compliant. 

The Kinamed team also wanted to be able to: 

  • create a detailed record of who viewed what 
  • protect data with non-disclosure agreements
  • easily search for and find key documents
  • implement a system that was easy to use


Kinamed Incorporated found everything they needed in a SecureDocs Virtual Data Room. Using SecureDocs has allowed the Kinamed team to streamline their information sharing process, and ensures the secure storage of their company’s most valuable information. In particular they get a lot of utility from SecureDocs when working with regulatory departments, especially when they need to exchange proprietary information with foreign countries. For example, when they need to submit the information to various international entities, they simply set up a custom subset of folders containing the documents that need to be shared, and then grant access to those who need to see the information. Once access has been granted Kinamed can track who is doing what with each document by using the audit log, creating a secure and transparent environment for doing business.

Today, Kinamed continues to use SecureDocs as their ongoing corporate repository for all of their intellectual property and other proprietary data. The team is able to quickly search for, access, and share their information with outside parties and key stakeholders from anywhere in the world. And, they are able to remain HIPAA compliant when accessing their information due to the technical safeguards and policies set forth by the SecureDocs platform.

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