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TVC Capital is an operator-led growth equity firm focused on investments in and acquisitions of software companies and software-enabled service firms. They are currently investing out of a $115 million fund and have $235 million in assets under management – all of which are processed through SecureDocs Virtual Data Room during transaction, and all data remains in the data room as a single truth source of record for post transaction activities, audits, as well as future financial opportunities.

Before using SecureDocs TVC Capital struggled with constant crossing of wires when working with tracking documents and diligence checklists during transactions. Their information was spread over email, hard copy documentation, various hard drives, and resulted in frequent duplication of efforts, missing data, and wasted time. All of these issues were immediately resolved once they began using SecureDocs.

“SecureDocs allows us to easily manage multiple transactions using one data room. Currently we have over 8,400 documents in our data room, and it is remarkably easy to manage using a custom folder structure and flexible permission based user roles.”
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TVC Capital
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40 conversion rate improvement
45 increase in repeat purchases
75 reduction in spend
80 reduction in returns


  • TVC Capital needed a single source of truth for all transactions, with controlled access that was both secure and flexible enough to be used for multiple transactions at once.
  • They wanted a way to streamline both internal and external communications, while ensuring that TVC always remained in control of their information – so they would no longer need to chase outside parties for critical deal or post transaction information.
  • They wanted to provide a professional standard when dealing with any client, target, or existing company that was both easy to use, and also would facilitate a speedy deal process.


TVC Capital has processed 100% of their transactions using SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, including 14 transactions, 2 exits, and more than 10 follow-on transactions with zero security issues. This brings their equity allocation to roughly $125 million with $50 million in exit value using the SecureDocs product.

  • Easily manage 8,400 documents and 24-50 roles in a single data room
  • Manages internal TVC audits and 409a valuations using SecureDocs
  • Simplifies the process of creating complex folder and subfolder structures with 500+ documents per deal, then uses drag and drop functionality to instantly upload information to the data room to get deal ready
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"As soon as you have an employee you need SecureDocs - you don’t want to keep confidential information in a non-secured space.”

Steve Francis

"Secure Docs is the best data room I have ever used. I recommend it highly if you need a high quality, well priced secure data room!"

Tony Lynch
Senior Analyst & Valuation Expert
MT Consulting, LLC.

“SecureDocs allowed us to quickly, reliably disseminate due diligence to buyers, and that helped us save over 100 hours on our overall deal timeline.”

Vijay A. Chevli
Managing Principal
Innovus Advisors, LLC.