secure document storage with drag & drop uploads secure document storage with audit log secure document storage with quick search

Stay Prepared for Opportunities

When the need to enter due diligence arises it's often at short notice. SecureDocs allows you to have all of your corporate records ready to go.

Drag & Drop or Scan Uploads

Quickly move digital or paper documents into your data room using drag & drop or your Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner.

Audit Log

Know who’s looking and interested. The audit log contains all data room activity with time stamps. The audit log can also be exported and emailed daily to the data room admin.

Quick Search

Our quick search allows you to find what you need instantly. No more hunting through filing cabinets or shared drives.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Your proprietary information is the cornerstone of your business. Secure document storage is a must. Protect your documents while both storing and sharing them.

Permission-based User Roles

Assign granular permissions at the folder or sub-folder level. Use view-only access for sensitive documentation.

Dynamic Watermarking

All documents in the data room are watermarked with name, email, and time stamp, discouraging unauthorized sharing.

Customizable NDA

All users are required to sign an NDA prior to entering the data room. You may customize the NDA for your needs.

secure document storage with permission based user roles secure document storage with dynamic watermarking features secure document storage with customizable NDA


Easy Setup

Set up your corporate repository in 10 minutes. Online training videos and 24/7 support are available should you need them.

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Low, Transparent Pricing

SecureDocs starts at $250/month for unlimited users and unlimited documents. 24/7 support and data migration are included at no additional charge. 

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"As soon as you have an employee you need SecureDocs - you don’t want to keep confidential information in a non-secured space.”
Steve Francis, CPO and Founder of Logic Monitor

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