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Control Your Data

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of many companies. SecureDocs virtual deal room allows you to control your documents when sharing them.

Permission-Based User Roles

Assign granular permissions at the folder or subfolder level. Use view-only access for sensitive documentation.

Dynamic Watermarking

All documents in the deal room are watermarked with name, email, and time stamp, discouraging unauthorized sharing.

Customizable NDA

All users are required to sign an NDA prior to entering the data room. You may customize the NDA for your needs.

Data Room Archiver

When the deal’s done, instantly download a copy of your data room for your records, all without needing to contact support.

Expedite the Deal Process

Your software should help with deal management, not work against you. SecureDocs deal room helps you get deals done.

Customizable Dashboards

Get real-time user statistics at-a-glance to quickly gauge buyer or investor interest. See which documents have been newly uploaded and need to be reviewed since your last login.

Drag & Drop or Scan Uploads

Instantly move documents into your deal room using drag & drop from your computer or your Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner.

Audit Log

See every click registered in your data room with date and time stamp in the audit log. Automate, export, and share your audit log to stay informed.


Post and answer questions in minutes via email or directly in your data room. Frequently asked questions can be published, saving time and hassle.

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Easy Setup

SecureDocs takes 10 minutes to set up and be deal ready. Online training videos and 24/7 support are available should you need them.

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Low, Transparent Pricing

SecureDocs starts at $250/month for unlimited users and unlimited documents. 24/7 support and data migration are included at no additional charge.

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"We have successfully processed 14 transactions, 2 exits, and more than 10 follow-on transactions using SecureDocs with zero security issues.”
Mykel Sprinkles, Principal of TVC Capital

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