How to Add New Users to a Group

  1. First create the group by navigate to the Users/Roles tab and select "Groups" in the drop down.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, select "Add Group" and a new window will open.
  3. First name the group. Other admins will be able to see the group name, but users will not see their group name or know if they are a part of any groups.
  4. Click Submit to create the group and then navigate to the Users/Roles tab and click on Users.
  5. Click on New User and fill out the users's name, email, role, and group. If the user has a domain that is already part of a group, you will see this group option pre-populated for you.
  6. Select Invite and that newly invited user will be added to your group. 


*Additional Notes:

If you would like to edit or manage your groups, they can be edited under Groups page by clicking on the pen icon on the far right.

You can also delete groups by clicking on the trash icon. Any users that are deleted from the account will also be deleted from their groups.

Once Groups are created, you can use them to filter activity both on the audit log and on cards found on the dashboard.

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