How to send a document for signature: 

1. Upload the document.

2. Click the 'Pen' icon to the left side of the document name.

3. Click the + icon to the right of 'Signers' to add in the Signer details.

4. Type in the name and email address of the signer. If someone needs to be Cc'd to review, type in their email address and hit the blue 'Ok' button.

5. Click on the document to add signer fields for an individual. Each signer will have signature blocks designated with unique colors.

6. The signature field will appear first but you can hover your mouse over it and select other field options as well.

7. Click and drag the boxes to the appropriate sections of the contract.

8. To add a different signer, click the + icon and add in the name and email address for the additional signer and add the signer fields.

9. Once signers and signature fields are complete, click the 'Send' button.

10. Edit the packet options and designate signature routing.

11. If routing to signers in order, the order is dictated by top signer, preceded by signers below. Signer boxes can be dragged up and down to change the order signers receive the contract.

12. Click 'Send' and the document will be routed to the appropriate parties for signature.

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