Inogen is a medical technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative oxygen concentrators used to deliver supplemental long-term oxygen therapy to patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.

Inogen needed a solution that would allow them to share their information with various people who needed access to different subsets of information, and it was imperative that Inogen remained in complete control over the security of their documents during the process—ensuring complete transparency into who was doing what with each document and when.

“The SecureDocs solution met all of our needs in terms of what we were looking for, and the price was extremely attractive to us compared to other solutions that we had seen.”
Ali Bauerlein
Co-Founder & CFO

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40 conversion rate improvement
45 increase in repeat purchases
75 reduction in spend
80 reduction in returns


Having been a privately held company for over a decade prior to their IPO, Inogen’s executive team knew that over time the business had accumulated an exorbitant amount of corporate data. In preparation for their IPO, the team recognized that they needed a way to securely organize, store, and share that information—both with internal and external parties—from one centralized location.

They knew that the information they needed to share during their IPO was the lifeline of their business, and included their most important proprietary data. So, they didn’t take choosing their virtual data room solution lightly. The team did their due diligence before deciding on a virtual data room provider, looking into various other solutions before choosing SecureDocs. What they found was that the security and features offered by SecureDocs were not merely on par with those offered by the larger, more traditional firms used during IPOs, but in many cases were much better in terms of function and usability.

The Inogen team also wanted to be able to: 

  • Control who could view each document
  • Create a complete record of who viewed what 
  • Ensure document security 
  • Upload an unlimited number of documents without additional fees
  • Store & maintain all key corporate documents in a central online corporate repository 


SecureDocs gave Inogen insight into what specific bankers, lawyers, and other key personnel were doing with the information they were provided. Understanding which documents they were viewing and how frequently they were viewing them allowed Inogen to feel confident that all parties were seeing everything that needed to be seen without the hassle of having to frequently check in with each individual. With SecureDocs, Inogen was able to set up permission-based user roles, customizable NDAs, dynamic watermarking, and activity alerts on key documents in their data room to streamline their successful $70.5 M IPO.

Today, Inogen uses SecureDocs as a secure online repository for their company’s most critical corporate documents. Storing all of their key documents in one centralized location creates efficiency for the now public company that would not otherwise exist. The drag and drop feature in particular allows for documents and folders to be uploaded and indexed quickly and securely before giving specific types of access to only those who need it.

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"We used SecureDocs to help facilitate a series of 8 Board resolutions to structure the CAP table, make sure the capital stock was where it needed to be, and make sure that everyone agreed with the new investment money. The ability to navigate that process in just a couple weeks brought in a $1 million grant, which set us up to raise another $900k. That would have been extremely difficult and time consuming without SecureDocs."

Steve Tokarz
StabiLux Biosciences, Inc.

"Competitive price. Easy and interactive user interface. Not much IT technical knowledge is required to implement SecureDocs. Users can easily understand the functionality because of its UI. Data is secure, lightning speed of access to the VDR. Not faced any downtime or technical glitches during the usage in the last 2 years. Transparent software policy. We are based out of India but support is not an issue. 24x7 support."

Dipak Panchal
Head of IT
Puranik Builders Ltd.

"Secure Docs is the best data room I have ever used. We are a sell-side M&A firm so our clients, the business sellers, use it and the business buyers and their due diligence teams use it. It is easy to use, their customer service is quick and responsive (though we almost never need to contact them) and it is easy to understand. I recommend it highly if you need a high quality, well priced secure data room!"

Tony Lynch
Senior Analyst & Valuation Expert
MT Consulting, LLC.