PlantForm Corporation


When fundraising, companies need a tool that allows them to easily and securely share critical business documentation with potential investors and partners without compromising valuable intellectual property and proprietary data. In this case study we will cover how PlantForm Corporation uses a SecureDocs Virtual Data Room to maximize their deal value, gauge investor interest, and expedite the deal process.



PlantForm, a Canadian private corporation founded in 2008, is a biopharmaceutical company that is commercializing a low-cost, plantbased manufacturing platform for life-saving drugs, vaccines, and antibodies.

Having already secured $5.5 million in funding from founders and angel investors, $2.0 million from government contracts, and another $2.1 million in contract revenue, PlantForm’s founders are focused on raising additional capital and establishing partnerships to enter the marketplace. 

"SecureDocs is an efficient, straightforward, secure system that has become a valuable tool for our company as we grow."

Don Stewart

President and CEO, PlantForm Corporation


  • PlantForm needed a way to securely share intellectual property and proprietary data with outside partners and investors.
  • They needed a way protect critical information with non-disclosure agreements.
  • They needed a system that would provide them with tools to control document access, audit what actions had been taken with each document, and professionally present all of the information to potential investors, all from one secure location. 


In addition to its ease of use, complete record of all documents viewed, security benefits, and affordable pricing, SecureDocs has delivered a significant financial benefit to the company

Today, PlantForm’s executive team uses SecureDocs to share sensitive corporate information and ideas with potential investors and partners with confidence. Audit logs allow them to gauge investor interest as well as create a documented record should an IP infringement occur. Built-in NDAs and automatic identifying watermarks further hold other parties accountable while US government-grade encryption ensures that all documents are unreadable to unauthorized users.

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