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    AWS Data Centers


    Certified AWS Data Centers

    ISO 27001 Certified with SOC 1,2, & 3 Reports

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers are ISO 27001 certified, offer SOC 1, 2, & 3 reports and are physically secure with protective measures that restrict ingress and egress. These measures include electronic keycards, pin codes, and biometric hand scans. Additionally, onsite security officers guard the data centers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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    Encryption of Data



    256-bit encryption of all data, both in transit and at rest

    All connections are protected using TLS with a 256-bit symmetric encryption and 2048-bit authenticated key agreement. Passwords are masked with a separate salt and encrypted with Bcrypt. While at the data centers, all data remains encrypted using 256-bit AES, which is certified for use by the U.S. Government for top-secret documents.

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    Offsite Backups for Disaster Recovery

    In the case of a disaster, your data is protected

    SecureDocs automatic encrypted online backups are a key component in any disaster recovery plan as a protection against hardware failure, deletion, and natural disaster.

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    Access Control

    Granular permission settings provide complete access control

    The SecureDocs client at the “Administrator” level is the only individual with the ability to invite other users, including inviting other administrators. When inviting users, administrators can select specific permission settings for each person invited.

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    Audit Trail Reporting


    Audit Trail Reporting

    Know who's doing what in your data room

    Audit trail reporting allows administrators to see every click registered in the data room. Reports include user, date, time, IP address, actions taken and can be exported to Excel. Administrators can also select to have an audit report automatically emailed to them on a daily basis.

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    Two-Factor Authentication


    Two-Factor Authentication

    An additional security layer to protect your account.

    Two-factor authentication offers a simple yet highly effective protection against cyber security attacks by requiring a second piece of information to access your secure data room. A five digit SMS code is sent to the registered phone number and is needed for access. SecureDocs’ 2FA works worldwide. Users have the option to remember registered computers for thirty days.

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Additional Features Designed for Security



Protect the confidentiality of your critical documents with a customizable NDA.



Administrative controls allow view-only access, which will automatically disable printing.

auto time out


SecureDocs will automatically log a user off after 60 minutes of inactivity.



Personally-identifiable watermarks remind the user that information is confidential and provide a way to track the source of a leak should one occur.


Download SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Security Documentation

If you want more information on our security or would like to share this information, please download our security documentation.

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