SecureDocs Data Room Features

Our virtual data room software is deliberate in its simplicity. 10-minute setup, features that allow you to gauge investor interest, and industry-leading security keep you in control of the deal.

Get Your Documents in Order Quickly

Drag and drop uploads allow you to get set up in minutes. Quick search helps you find what you need instantly.

Know Who’s Looking

SecureDocs has an audit log, complete with date and time stamp. You can also receive emailed copies of the audit log.

Preview Without Downloading

SecureDocs has granular permission-based access, including the ability to view-only.

Control your data

SecureDocs has two-factor authentication, watermarking, customizable NDA’s, and other security features custom-built for your protection.

Brand Your Data Room

Customize your data room with a unique URL, your logo, and editable invitations.

Download your Data Room with a Click

When the deal is done, or at any time, download an archive of your data room instantly, no need to talk to support.

Sign Your Documents with SecureDocs

SecureDocs is the only VDR to offer built-in electronic signature. Send your documents out for signature and they’ll automatically be filed in your VDR.

Amazon Web Services Data Centers

SecureDocs uses AWS (Amazon Web Services), the leader in public cloud security.

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Your Virtual Data Room From Startup to Exit

SecureDocs virtual data room software is a flexible solution, priced to be used for both short and long-term transactions.

Deal Room

When faced with a short-term transaction, SecureDocs can get you up and running in 10 minutes and has the features you need to control the deal.

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Corporate Document Storage

For companies raising multiple rounds of funding or have a need for ongoing secure document sharing, SecureDocs is priced for long-term use.

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"The SecureDocs solution is user-friendly, efficient, and has an attractive price point. We have found it to be easy-to-use with no problems. The SecureDocs team has been very responsive in answering our team's questions.”
Casey Logan, Chief Business Officer of Tracon Pharmaceuticals

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