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With the ubiquity of data breaches and their magnitude increasing in alarming fashion, a lot of companies are scrambling to fill much-needed cybersecurity positions to improve upon internal security systems and protocols. However, there are currently far more openings for these jobs than there are individuals with the requisite training and credentials. In addition, because of the glaring scarcity of talent, the cost of hiring and retaining folks who do possess the necessary skills and qualifications, with the appropriate certifications, is gradually rising and goes well beyond the budget of many small businesses.

SecureDocs Virtual Data Room in proud to announce today that we have been awarded Acquisition International’s (AI) 2015 M&A Award for Best Value for our Virtual Data Room solution. Now in its fourth year, AI’s prestigious M&A Awards celebrate the outstanding efforts and achievements of those involved in identifying, coordinating and seeing through to completion those important business deals that could make a huge difference to a business, a local economy or even an entire country.


Here we go again. Yet another hack in what appears to be a stream of never-ending, high profile data breaches. And, the information gleaned from this online intrusion is obviously particularly scandalous. Countless marriages, families, and careers stand to be ruined. Granted, the individuals who chose to subscribe to Ashley Madison were already (although at the time unknowingly) subjecting themselves to the risk of ruin, but most turned to this specific service because they were assured that their actions would be discreet. Alas, so much for an attempt at secrecy.

Lately, there has been relatively slow IPO activity in virtually all sectors, except for one. Last year and so far this year, the health care sector, with biotechnology leading the way, has had the most IPOs, and it doesn’t look like it is about to slow down. For many companies, the IPO process can seem daunting because there are copious details to consider and numerous items to handle. However, it doesn’t have to be a mad dash to the finish or an overly stressful ordeal. Careful planning and diligent preparation will ensure a smooth and (at least somewhat) less stressful IPO. Here are some important ways that using a virtual data room can facilitate the process:

Okay, so we didn’t actually conduct a survey to find out what factors contribute to the success of startups. However, we do follow the news and peruse reports and analyses regarding startups, venture capital, and pretty much all things technology. Based on the latest assessments, several distinct attributes are prevalent among startup superstars. With that in mind, here is a bit of advice for the up-and-coming: