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At SecureDocs we are committed to providing our clients with a solution that is secure, affordable, and easy-to-use. Today we are announcing that we have once again expanded our platform without making it more complicated. Now users can automatically view native Microsoft Office documents sans plug-ins.

How confident are you that your most critical business documents are safe on your computer? According to malware expert Giovanni Vigna, Founder and CTO of Lastline Inc., the software platform for security breach detection, it is common for undetected components to exist on your computer that specifically target sensitive and critical business information. So, if you store and share unencrypted business documents on your computer or though email both you and your company are at risk for a data breach.

Small and mid-sized businesses are far from exempt when it comes to data breaches, and in many ways remain much more vulnerable than the large fortune 500 companies that we hear about in the media-most of those companies have policies, software, and procedures in place to protect them should a breach occur, and many small businesses don't, but should. In fact, 43% of these businesses have reported experiencing a data breach in the last 3 years, with 29% of those breaches involving external business partners, executive teams are taking notice. The majority of business leaders now understand that a data breach is considerable risk to their business, and measures must be taken in order to protect against attacks.

Due Diligence is a term that most businesses associate with potential investors, buyers, or other outside entities. It can be a tedious and sometimes stressful process that requires businesses to reveal every last bit of information associated with the company; good, bad or otherwise. But what some businesses might not realize is that as crucial as the process is during fundraising, M&A, and other external reviews to an outside partner; continuously undergoing the process of maintaining internal due diligence can be even more valuable to the business itself. And, with a little forward thinking, some minimal amount of effort upfront, it can be done easily and with very little financial investment.

In most businesses today online file sharing, storing, and collaboration tools have become an integral part of day-to-day operations. For example, a collaboration tool like Dropbox provides a functional solution that can be used for free or for what seems to be at a very low cost to people and businesses looking to go paperless. However, while the monthly cost of implementing a collaboration tool like Dropbox may be low, the expense associated with the repercussions of a breach, should one occur, could be extreme. Which begs the question- is cost of Dropbox really less expensive when compared to an online virtual data room solution like SecureDocs, a solution that is specifically designed with document security in mind, and can most likely prevent the breach from occurring altogether? Probably not.