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Most entrepreneurs know that fundraising can be a tricky business. You need capital to move your business forward, but at what cost?


You can guarantee that potential investors will want to see every last bit of documentation you have before choosing to invest- including your company's proprietary data and irreplaceable intellectual property (IP). While most investors have the highest level of integrity, and the best intentions, sometimes unauthorized leaks occur. To avoid such leaks you want to ensure that you maintain control of your business documentation during the deal process. Here is where a virtual data room can be of critical importance during the deal process.

The increasing integration of science and technology is transforming the health care industry. Older technology continues to undergo striking enhancements, while new technology is constantly emerging, drastically changing the biotechnological sphere. These advancements have brought about a discernible shift in the approach to diagnosing and treating diseases, and innovative technology is at the forefront of this biomedical revolution.

Any company that plans to raise funds from, invest in, merge with, or acquire another business will undoubtedly embark on a comprehensive due diligence investigation. This can be an overwhelming and time-consuming event for all parties involved. It can be particularly daunting for startups seeking early-stage funding, but discipline and organization from the outset will help ensure a shorter, smoother process and possibly impress prospective investors because it demonstrates keen intent and industriousness.

Are you still taking up space in your organization to house all of your company’s proprietary data? Do you have rows upon rows of filing cabinets in storage rooms that you would love to see cleared out to improve your company’s productivity and gain control over your data? If so, you are gearing up to make a transition that many of today’s leading companies have made, transitioning a Virtual Data Room (VDR). 

The first quarter was a bit rocky for the stock market as a whole, with quite a decrease in overall Initial IPO activity, but that is not necessarily an anomaly for this time of year. Despite the general volatility, the technology sector is continuing to dominate the markets and consequently the headlines. The private markets have witnessed, and will likely continue to see, tech startups receiving astonishing venture capital funding at increasingly high valuations.