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Webinar Oct 15

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Ali Bauerlein is Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of Inogen, Inc. A medical technology company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative oxygen concentrators used to deliver supplemental long-term oxygen therapy to patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions. In the interview below Ali discusses why Inogen’s executive team chose to use a SecureDocs Virtual Data Room during their IPO, and how it continues to benefit their business today.


Last month, we discussed some of the prevalent attributes of successful startups. One of the things that we mentioned in that list was the importance of startup leaders looking beyond Silicon Valley. In light of the recent market turmoil, having the courage to seek funding and set up shop elsewhere has become even more important. Here are a few ways that startups can benefit from exploring areas beyond the valley:

This year, there has been discussion among legislators, and some accompanying action, regarding the need for changes to the existing patent laws. Most folks would probably agree that patent laws are necessary to promoting innovation. Of course, the types of inventions that qualify for a patent and the scope and enforcement of the corresponding laws must balance a fine line of encouraging innovation without stifling competition.  Unfortunately, the progress on these matters has been rather slow, but that seems to be the case for most things in the nation’s capital these days. And, with so many competing interests at stake, it has been rather difficult for parties to come to a consensus as to what constitutes the appropriate compromise.

Keeping detailed records, managing volumes of documents, and safely storing important company and client data has become an integral facet of running a business. These days, more and more companies are turning to online data storage providers, particularly solutions that incorporate cloud computing. There are obviously a lot of benefits to making documents and files easy to access, and cloud computing is no doubt streamlining many business processes and improving the operational efficiency of countless companies. This is particularly true because many data storage services offer platforms that work on multiple devices, allowing company leaders and employees to access files and complete work from essentially anywhere at any time.

Webinar hosted by SecureDocs & Life Science Nation on October 15, 2015 at 10am PST. 


While the current IPO environment has created a much more positive outlook for life science and drawn significant capital from retail investors, there remains a very high level of competition from entrepreneurs for those dollars in the early stage. Being able to understand the current investor landscape and how to navigate it will dramatically increase your chances of getting in front of the right investors. 


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Here are four quick tips  for working with investors: