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When you ask a software vendor for a customer reference does it sometimes feel like a waste of time? Let’s face it, your salesperson is highly unlikely to send you to anyone other than a satisfied customer! Personally I'm excited when prospective customers ask to take references for our virtual data room solution, SecureDocs, it's a positive step for both parties that brings us a little closer to doing business. However, I sometimes wonder what they get out of it and, having been in the software space on the sales side, as well as a buyer, I believe there's some benefit beyond just going through the motions.

When fundraising, companies need a tool that allows them to easily and securely share critical business documentation with potential investors and partners without compromising valuable intellectual property and proprietary data. In this case study we will cover how PlantForm Corporation uses a SecureDocs Virtual Data Room to maximize their deal value, gauge investor interest, and expedite the deal process.

Rideshare rivals Uber Technologies and Lyft appear to have more in common these days than just being the top contenders in today’s increasingly popular rideshare services industry. In the last year both businesses have fallen victim to internal data leaks, resulting in the release of sensitive corporate documentation to public forums. Each leak contained information about projected and current revenue streams, as well as rather unflattering comments and opinions about the competitor's business model and reputation.

There are many key lessons in listening to Steve Francis' story of how he built LogicMonitor into a leading Saas based network monitoring solution, but one theme that is remarkable is that successful bootstrapping has almost nothing to do with Thought Leadership and Unicorns (someone perceived to have incredible functional expertise, almost magical in capability), and everything to do with market focus and work horses who don’t just think, but also do.

There are plenty of ways that companies can simplify operations or streamline processes in order to become more efficient. Essentially all companies must maintain documentation of some sort, irrespective of their size, scope, or sector. The unavoidable paperwork and ensuing document management it necessitates can take up a lot of company time and resources.