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How To Protect Your Company From Business Litigation Obligations And Challenges - Webinar Recap


Robert Shlachter, trial attorney at Stoll Berne, shares how to protect your company from business litigation obligations and challenges. In the recorded webinar, which took place July 26th, Rob discusses many relative topics regarding e-discovery including: document preservation, social media, and consequences for not complying with e-discovery regulations.

Rob also covers how non-competes, confidentiality agreements, and trade secret restrictions can be used in business litigation cases.

This educational event was co-hosted by Nexonia, the largest network of senior financial executives in the world, and SecureDocs, providers of a secure virtual data room for storing and sharing important business documents.

QUICK NOTE: During the webinar a question came up regarding how long certain documents are required to be preserved. We have a series of blog posts on Document Retention, part 2 of the series answers this question. Please visit the following post for the specific time periods to preserve business documents: Document Retention Series (Part 2): What’s The Proper Length Of Time To Store Documents?