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Know Where Your Data Is During Business Litigation


During business litigation there will likely be evidence used from online services utilized by a company. Whether it be email, google apps, an internal server or something else, electronic evidence can reside in a wide variety of locations so it is important to understand the “lay of the land” at the outset of the case. Keep your online documents organized and accounted for during litigation - make sure you know the answer to this question: Where is electronic data stored in your business?

Frequently Used Data Storage Solutions:
-Local hard drives
-Network servers
-Back-up tapes
-Cloud services (e.g. virtual data room)

Once you've identified where all of your electronic data is stored it is important to understand your backup policy. Electronic evidence can be easily altered or lost, even by everyday computer use, so it is important to know how to correctly preserve and backup your electronic data. A secure and accurate backup system is imperative during litigation, this includes general email backup. Communicate with employees to ensure everyone is using backup best practices.

During litigation preserve all relevant sources of evidence. As stated this includes email retention, backup practices, and even re-purposing computers for new employees.

Preserve! Preserve! Preserve!