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Free Webinar- Cybersecurity: Understanding Malware & How To Protect Your Business


The recent increase in high-profile cyberattacks has made online security a hot topic, and rightfully so. Companies from The New York Times to Facebook have fallen victim to attacks by cybercriminals, highlighting just how vulnerable any business is. In the past few years, malware has evolved dramatically and is a serious threat to all organizations, both big and small.

Unfortunately, many current solutions are unable to protect users and organizations from this new type of threat. Mainstream anti-virus systems are not able to keep up with the staggering pace at which malware is evolving, leaving most businesses at high risk.

Join us Tuesday, April 30th at 10AM PDT for a complimentary webinar on “Cybersecurity: Understanding Malware and How to Protect Your Business.” This free webinar will cover advanced malware and the impact that it can have on an organization.


-What advanced malware is

-Why advanced malware is a threat to all organizations

-How you can protect your business from this type of threat

Our Presenters:

Giovanni Vigna is a faculty member of the Computer Science Department at the University of California in Santa Barbara and the CTO/founder of Lastline, Inc., a Santa Barbara-based startup that develops innovative solutions to detect and mitigate advanced malware (APTs) and targeted threats. His expertise is on web security, vulnerability analysis, malware countermeasures, and intrusion detection, and he has published more than a hundred of papers on the subject of network security and evasive malware.


This educational event is hosted by SecureDocs, provider of a secure virtual data room for storing and sharing financial documents.


This Group Internet Based event is equal to 1.0 CPE credit for all participants toward Computer Science. There are no advanced preparations or prerequisites necessary to attend this event. This program’s level is basic.