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Meet Laura Fagundes, Marketing Campaign Manager For SecureDocs



In our employee interview series, we introduce you to the people responsible for making AppFolio a wonderful, intellectually challenging, and dynamic place to work. Today we feature Laura Fagundes, who is Marketing Campaign Manager for SecureDocs. Laura spends her days collaborating across internal departments and educating prospective customers on the benefits of the SecureDocs virtual data room. The following is our interview with Laura:

Tell us about your background. How did you come to AppFolio?

I moved to Santa Barbara in 2008 for graduate school. When I finished, I was fortunate enough to find a job as marketing manager for a local software company. After being there for three years, I heard about the opening at AppFolio through a friend. AppFolio has an excellent reputation in Santa Barbara, and I had friends that worked there and loved it- so I applied and got the job. I am really happy to be on the SecureDocs product. I find it interesting and love the team that I work with. Everybody is passionate, driven, and thinks outside of the box.

What's your role at the company?

My title is Marketing Campaign Manger, SecureDocs. Basically, I handle all-things-marketing for SecureDocs. I am fortunate enough to spend a lot of time collaborating across departments- I spend time brainstorming with sales, our founders, our product people, etc. It's a great job, and I learn so much every day.

Walk us through a typical day for you.

My days really vary based on what is coming up. In the marketing department, we focus on creating content that is of value to our prospective customers and finding new and interesting ways to engage with people. You can find me planning webinars, reaching out to companies for sponsorships and co-marketing initiatives, brainstorming with the SecureDocs team about new ideas, working with design to create new pages on the site, and other typical marketing activities- blogging, PPC, email campaigns, writing whitepapers, etc. No two days look the same, but I like that. I enjoy diversity and a fast-paced environment, so it works really well with my personality and workstyle.

What are some of the things you like best about AppFolio?

The people and the products. I have a lot of respect for my coworkers and for AppFolio as a company. Everybody is hardworking and really committed to doing their best work. And as a company, AppFolio is truly committed to serving its customers- top notch service is a mantra around here, and I think that's the right way to do business- it makes me feel good about being part of the team. The products that AppFolio builds are intentionally user-friendly, intuitive, and cutting-edge. As more and more people embrace SaaS products, I think user experience becomes increasingly important.

What are some of the things you like best about the SecureDocs virtual data room product?

SecureDocs just makes so much sense to me. Online security is a huge issue these days. In any given day, you hear about security breaches, and the problem is becoming more and more prevalent. SecureDocs has come into the market and built a simple, effective product at a great price- which was not the case with virtual data rooms a few years ago.

I also love how our customers respond when they first use the product. Many are used to using other virtual data rooms that are more clunky or cumbersome, and not as intuitive. Many folks come to us quite stressed. We’ve actually heard them let out a sigh of relief when using SecureDocs, and that’s a great feeling.

Please share your future goals for SecureDocs

I think the possibilities are endless. We do everything online these days- why would handling paperwork be any different? Admittedly, before I started working at SecureDocs, I didn't fully understand the security risks of using email, as an example, for storing and organizing my transactions- and I consider myself fairly tech-savvy. I pretty much used email, Dropbox, and Google Docs for everything I did at work, and a lot of stuff outside of work. Now that I know of the risks involved, it seems absurd to not use a virtual data room for anything you wouldn't want to get out. I think as more and more businesses become aware of the security risks of not only external threats, but also of unintentional internal threats- like those caused by employees who handle sensitive information in a less-than-secure way, we'll see SecureDocs being used more and more for everyday business documentation. It's a virtual data room, but really, it could also be a virtual filing cabinet.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

On a good day, I'm a runner. I also get out and listen to live music whenever possible- we have a great spot here in Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Bowl, which is outdoors and totally awesome. That's my happy spot. I also get outside and try to enjoy what this town has to offer- ride my bike to the beach, go for a hike, anything in the sunshine.