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3 Challenges Your CIO Is Facing Today


The challenges facing today’s CIOs change as fast as the technology they oversee. With continuous advancements in how workforces communicate and share data, CIOs need to anticipate and react to these advancements quickly and strategically, or their organization could be left behind.

Below, we share what we see as 3 key challenges CIOs are facing today.

CIO Challenge #1: Leveraging Innovation for Growth

Mobile, social, big data, the cloud; the list goes on and on. Today’s CIO is constantly coming across new, innovative solutions and opportunities. Strategically, a CIO must evaluate not only how these technologies can fit into their existing structure, but which solution can help drive growth…and fast.

The challenge for CIOs is being able to tell the difference between the “next big thing” and the “next big thing that’s right for our business.” Making the wrong investment can mean significant losses in time, money, and consumers.

CIO Challenge #2: Making the Case for More Frequently Changing Investments

CIOs have always led the charge for getting more IT investment. Now, as we’ve changed how we consume software or utilize mobile phones, a key challenge for CIOs is pushing for frequently changing, incremental investments in technology.

The explosion of Software As A Service (SaaS) means that businesses have an array of service options to decide from and a need to change their software infrastructure or upgrade the services they use more often. CIOs must weigh these options right next to traditional investments like hardware.

CIO Challenge #3: Big Data = Big Security Concerns

More and more of the interactions employees and customers have everyday take place online. A massive amount of data, often personal to individuals and crucial to businesses, is being shared. While most of these interactions are secure, many are not, and even “secure” data can be vulnerable to the advanced hacker.

CIOs must establish policies and safeguards for protecting that data and storing it safely. Customer data is the life-blood of the online marketplace and even the slightest feeling of uncertainty or insecurity felt by customers can have a tremendous impact on the success of a brand. And in instances where massive amounts of customer data is insecure, well that can be fatal to the brand.