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The 10 Worst Paper Filing Disasters in the Movies

Movie Disasters

Hollywood loves to make movies about disasters, and most of us love to watch them. There's a special thrill in sitting in a comfortable seat in a warm theater, munching on greasy popcorn, while watching other people streaming out of toppling buildings, hanging onto icebergs, and dodging maniacal dinosaurs.

But as you've watched the mostly young and unnaturally good-looking people being crushed, tossed about, or munched on by zombies, have you ever stopped to think what happens to all of their paperwork, all of the documents they have carefully filed over the years? Okay, no, you never thought about that, but here at SecureDocs we care about safe records storage. In that spirit, we've revisited some classic films and tried to imagine what the filmmakers never thought to show us -- the fate of the characters' papers.

The Wizard of Oz
If Dorothy was carrying any important documents in the pocket of her pinafore, and if those papers survived the tornado trip, and if they remained intact through the vigorous dancing on the yellow brick road, in the end, they would have been torn and scattered by flying monkeys.

The ledgers, the letters and the diaries on the Titanic might have told the world a magnificent tale -- but glug, glug, glug, they were gone.

The Birds
Important papers were shredded to make nests. Lots and lots and lots of nests.

Even if Amity's town records survived the wrath of the great white, they'd be forever lost at sea.

Star Wars
Laser beams and delicate papers are not a good match.

Gone With the Wind
Even the files that survived the war could not survive Rhett Butler's indifference.

No time to retrieve any documents. Runnnnnnnn!

Everything was washed down the shower drain.

The Godfather
Leave the files. Take the cannoli.

The Moral of this Story
The moral of the story is that paper files are vulnerable to natural (and unnatural!) disasters. Fires, floods, storms -- and flying monkeys -- can all destroy irreplaceable documents and undo years of work. In the real world outside of the movies, you need the best protection possible for your important records. Virtual data rooms provide that protection. Storing records in the cloud keeps them safe, makes them easy to share, and provides sophisticated tools to ensure that only authorized people have access. Here at SecureDocs, we offer a data room that is easy to use, incredibly secure, and available at a highly competitive price.

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