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5 Steps Toward Building A Stronger, Healthier Company All Year

Stronger and Healthier Company


Many business professionals look at January as a time for new beginnings. After all, the year ahead is a blank slate. While there's something to be said of starting at the beginning of the year, each fiscal year, each quarter, each month, each week, or even each day brings with it the opportunity to build a stronger, healthier company. As we move into the end of Q1, how are you doing with your goals? How will you ensure that your company grows stronger? We listed five ways for C-level executives to start off the next few months with a bang.

Reexamine the "Big Picture"

It's easy to lose sight of the big picture, especially after months of fighting fires, new projects, and day-to-day challenges. Spend some time looking back at the last few quarters. Which projects succeeded? Which ones failed? Why? Which projects aligned with the company's mission? Which ones lost sight of it? Why? Now look forward. What's on your horizon? Do those projects move the company toward achieving its mission or do they stray from it?

Get Perspective

Just as it's easy to get caught up in routine business matters, it's also easy to lose perspective. For example, if your company had a stellar year or a string of recent successes, it's tempting to keep doing what you've been doing because sales are strong. However, how did the company's performance compare to other companies in your industry? What opportunities exist? Use benchmark data, speak with other industry insiders, talk to your colleagues, and examine both internal and external sources of information for perspective, opportunities, and risks.

Organize Your Financial Documents

Now that you've done some serious reflection and research, it's time to get organized. One area prime for improvement is the storage of financial documents. Whether you need to store internal documents or need a secure way to share sensitive financial documents beyond your corporate walls, secure document storage is an absolute must.

Consider storing sales, tax, legal, human resources, finance, accounting, intellectual assets, and other sensitive documents in an online corporate repository. These highly secure data storage services are designed specifically for the secure storage and sharing of financials, capitalization tables, and other corporate documents. Features such as permission-based user roles, audit logs, watermarking, customizable non-disclosure agreements, indexing, and the ability to disable printing add security, traceability, and accountability while allowing access to those, and only those, who need it. Online corporate repositories can also result in cost and time savings compared to physical file storage and help your company comply with various regulations governing document storage and privacy.

Focus on Talent

You've worked hard to attract the best and brightest. The trick now is to retain them. Make it a point to nurture, encourage, and support your team as well as implement professional development opportunities. Reexamine your talent retention program to ensure its effectiveness.

Focus on Health

Health care has been on everyone's mind over the past few years, especially managing the costs associated with it. While you'll likely spend a great deal of time and energy focused on health insurance benefits, make sure to take care of your own health. The healthier and less stressed you are, the better able you will be to drive your organization to success. The same is true of your team. Implement a health and wellness program and encourage everyone to be the best they can be. Ideas you can implement right away include replacing junk-filled vending machines with healthier snacks, holding stand-up meetings rather than sit-down ones, and starting a walking club that meets before or after work.

The days ahead represent a blank slate. Will they be better, stronger, and healthier - for you and for your company - than the past?

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