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Before You Build An Ark, Make It Rain


If you want to improve your chances of getting funded, use market validation. Most entrepreneurs want to build the product first, sell it second. Build the ark and they will come," is the thinking. But if you unveil the ark when it isn't raining, you won't attract many customers.

Market validation flips the process on its head. Try making it rain and presenting your idea to customers before you build it. Get them to say, "Yes, I would like to get a ticket on your ark," before you hammer one line of code. The benefits are that you may find clients that don't need a luxury ark (reducing your building time by months) and, most importantly, are willing to buy a ticket as soon as you are done, giving you customers and a revenue stream.

Investors are inundated with good ideas. Companies with clients on board paying for a ticket are a much rarer animal that will attract their attention.

Sell the ark to your target market before you build the ark. Make it rain, then build it.

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