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Virtual Data Rooms for Investor and Board Communication


You may be familiar with using virtual data rooms during the mergers and acquisitions process or for raising funds, but have you considered using a data room as a communications tool for board members and investors? A data room can provide the perfect, secure environment for both board and investor communications and deliver numerous benefits to everyone involved.

The Benefits of Using a Virtual Data Room for Investor and Board Communication

A process you're already familiar with

You're already comfortable uploading and sharing documents to your virtual data room, so why reinvent the wheel? Whether sharing materials a few days before a board meeting or uploading the company's annual report, you can quickly, easily, and securely share your documents without having to learn a new system or add yet another technology to your toolbox.

Peace of mind

Communicating with investors and board members often requires the exchange of sensitive information. By using a data room, you can fully control how this information is shared, who sees it, and how it is tracked.


After sharing materials with the board, you can gain insight into which board members actually viewed those materials. As the meeting draws nearer, you may want to remind those who haven't accessed the materials yet that time is ticking and you'd appreciate it if they'd review the materials before the meeting begins.

Professional presentation

Your virtual data room tells a story about your professionalism and commitment to security. When board members and investors enter the virtual data room, they will immediate see a neatly organized, professional interface. Instill confidence, show that you're serious about the company's integrity, and provide easy access to the most relevant materials.

Greater control over your documents

Not all documents are meant to be downloaded and freely distributed, even to board members. Data rooms have access controls, allowing you to prevent users from downloading, sharing, or printing your documents as well as a watermark, complete with the user's identifying information, on each document, which further discourages unauthorized sharing.

A communications workflow that simply works.

Sending reports, disclosures, updates, and other information to the board and investors doesn't have to be complicated. Simply upload your documents, set the appropriate security measures and permissions, let the system automatically notify board members and investors, and later view detailed activity reports to see who has logged in, what documents they viewed, and more.

Using a data room, you have a communications tool you can trust for sharing documents with the board and investors.

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