This year has not exactly been the year of the IPO. In addition to fewer overall offerings, the total value of the IPO market is far less than last year. Nonetheless, certain industries are continuing to see a fair amount of activity, and biotech in particular has done relatively well. Here are some of the big biotech IPOs of 2016:

Myovant Sciences

One of the reasons that this biotech IPO was such a big deal is due to the youth yet dominance of the man behind it. Ramaswamy was actually responsible for one of the big biotech deals last year as well. The IPO for Myovant has the company valued at close to $900 million, even though it does not have a ton of diversified assets. But, given its emphasis on finding better drug therapies for prevalent problems, particularly women’s health issues, endocrine disorders, and prostate cancer treatments, it is no wonder that things are continuing to look good for them post-IPO.


Proteostasis Therapeutics

A biotech firm that does not yet have a drug undergoing clinical trials would not necessarily seem as promising as one actively engaged in the research process. However, after some discounting, it did manage to make it on the Nasdaq exchange. Obviously, the price drop helped, but it is engaged in a growing area of interest, know as protein homeostasis, and hence the company name. By understanding how proteins function and possibly malfunction, a well-funded biotech firm such as this may be able to figure out how to better prevent and manage diseases that occur due to cellular dysfunction.



Using monoclonal antibodies as a treatment method has proven to be extremely encouraging in the battle against cancer, and BeiGene intends to continue discovering innovative cancer treatments. It was one of the earlier IPOs in 2016 and a successful one too considering it was trading above its issuing price. And, it seems that this clinical-stage, research-oriented biotech firm has a lot of strong drug therapies in the development pipeline.


Editas Medicine

Finding drugs and using the human’s own immune system to target cancer and diseases are not the only treatment methods under study. Editas also launched an IPO earlier this year, and it is focused on the very intricate gene-editing. The company is not quite ready to take its technology to human clinical trials, but it is figuring out how to solve complex medical problems in a more direct fashion by altering the very DNA that is responsible for the unwanted mutations. Perhaps this ingenuity helped spur its success pre and post IPO.


Moleculin Biotech

This pre-clinical and clinical stage pharmaceutical firm is primarily interested in developing and perfecting cancer treatments, with its premier product, Annamycin, targeting leukemia. Although the main goal of the IPO was to enable further testing of this drug, the capital and its connection to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston should enable it to fulfill some of its other biotech research goals.

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