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E-mail + Password is not enough - Use 2-factor authentication to be secure

We would like to proactively ensure that all SecureDocs customers are protected against unauthorized access to their data rooms. Our engineers have analysed User data across our entire system and, while use of 2-factor authentication (the code sent via SMS text on initial login) is high, we would like to further encourage Administrators to ensure its switched on for every user.

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The Benefits of Using A SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Audit Log

The SecureDocs audit log is an action based record of all user activity in the data room. The audit log, or audit trail, is used by room administrators to track the time, date, and activities of each data room user. Incuding details about who is viewing which documents, how many times they are being viewed, and any other action being taken in the room. With the ability to gain insight into so many facets of data room activity the SecureDocs audit log helps companies work faster and more effectively.

Here are a some of the key ways a SecureDocs audit log helps companies:

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Startup Toolkit: What To Budget For

There are certain items that startups know they have to budget for from the outset, but there are plenty of unexpected costs that pop up at some point. And, there will eventually be those unavoidable expenses on goods and services that will help with attracting talent, building a client list, navigating the intricacies of running a company, and growing the business. However, with a little foresight, the right planning, and a willingness to invest in the future, startups can launch with the right tools at their disposal and already built into their budget. Here are some of the most important items in a startup toolkit:

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Should Anyone Ever Get Fired for Hiring IBM?

The short answer is YES! However, it’s not who you think….

Firstly, singling out IBM is unfair, their name has become a proxy for all big, complex, solution providers. IBM is a great institution and if you work with the federal government in anything to do with security you might well get fired for not using IBM! So I won’t mention them again….the discussion point here is the big brand name, the default, the go to, the “Hoover” of whatever you are looking to do.

What are some of the factors that might drive the decision-making process down the path of the big name provider?

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Taking Software Product References: Best Practice or a Waste of Time?

When you ask a software vendor for a customer reference does it sometimes feel like a waste of time? Let’s face it, your salesperson is highly unlikely to send you to anyone other than a satisfied customer! Personally I'm excited when prospective customers ask to take references for our virtual data room solution, SecureDocs, it's a positive step for both parties that brings us a little closer to doing business. However, I sometimes wonder what they get out of it and, having been in the software space on the sales side, as well as a buyer, I believe there's some benefit beyond just going through the motions.

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Security vs. Privacy: What You Should Consider When Evaluating Software


When looking at any type of software, the concepts of security and privacy are often thrown together. Clearly, there is an overlap. However, in the context of file sharing services, whether they are collaboration tools or a dedicated virtual data room, there are differences to consider.

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Meet Laura Fagundes, Marketing Campaign Manager For SecureDocs


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What Is A Virtual Data Room?

If you go to Wikipedia and look up "virtual data room" you'll read an excellent summary of the use of such software products during M&A transactions. Increasingly however, virtual data rooms are being used for a variety of situations and as an ongoing resource separate to M&A deals.

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Why Are Some Virtual Data Rooms So Expensive?

The cost of wholesale data storage almost halves every year. These days, you can walk into Best Buy and pick up a terabyte of space on a hard drive for less than $100 . . . so you can imagine how inexpensive storage costs are for big cloud providers. As a consumer, paying a lot of money for data storage these days is like paying for fresh air.

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