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Cybersecurity Professionals Need Not Apply


With the ubiquity of data breaches and their magnitude increasing in alarming fashion, a lot of companies are scrambling to fill much-needed cybersecurity positions to improve upon internal security systems and protocols. However, there are currently far more openings for these jobs than there are individuals with the requisite training and credentials. In addition, because of the glaring scarcity of talent, the cost of hiring and retaining folks who do possess the necessary skills and qualifications, with the appropriate certifications, is gradually rising and goes well beyond the budget of many small businesses.


Companies that cannot find or afford an adequately trained and sufficiently experienced cybersecurity professional need not despair. Many tech entrepreneurs recognize that there is a shortage of capable professionals available to fill the many vacant positions, and there is a growing movement to develop alternative cybersecurity solutions for small to mid-sized firms.


Here are four major benefits of relying on a cloud-based service for data security instead of an individual with cybersecurity experience:


1. Certified Data Centers

If a company cannot find an individual who is certified to handle sensitive security matters, there are businesses that provide such services that have undergone one or more security certification processes. These accredited certification processes determine whether an information security management system meets the apposite requirements.


When researching potential service providers, companies should inquire about a company’s security standards and any pertinent certifications. It is important for companies to select a service provider that has protective measures in place for both its physical data centers and its cyber networks.


2. End-to-End Data Encryption

Valuable data must be encrypted everywhere it is located and must remain so at all times. This includes data that is simply residing on a server, data that is in transit, and data stored on a device. It is rather surprising that so many companies and governments continue to store and share important information on unsecured networks and/or do not take the appropriate step of encrypting it.


Companies that recognize the value of encryption and want to safeguard their data as much as feasible should look for a provider that encrypts data, connections, and passwords, ideally with differing encryption methods. Many cloud-based solutions are able to offer a myriad of security measures, and the more levels of security that are added, the less likely it is for a company to suffer a breach.


3. Automatic Backup and Recovery

Companies that save documents on internal networks and assume that their cybersecurity personnel can always recover items that are lost or damaged after some system catastrophe are taking an awfully risky gamble with their data. Important company information should be saved in a system that includes offsite backup in the event that disaster recovery is necessary.


Any reputable cloud-based data security solution will offer this necessary component, ensuring that data is protected and providing company leaders with what is surely much-welcomed peace of mind.


4. Round the Clock Support

An individual employee cannot be available all of the time, at least not if the company employing that person hopes to keep them on board. People get sick, take vacation, and usually like to sleep at some point. For this reason, it is sometimes wise and even necessary to outsource certain business matters to companies that are better equipped to handle them.


In particular, data security service providers tend to employ a team of individuals capable of addressing their clients’ needs and have the means to offer assistance twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. This round the clock support is an invaluable resource.